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Use Cliché Marketing to Humanize Your Brand

Consumers are sick and tired of watching the same old tame and cheesy product ads. Check out this video, showing three companies who’ve went way over the top in an effort to increase their reach and find new clients (WARNING: #3 is really disturbing!)

How to Become a Black Belt Recruiter on LinkedIn

LInkedIn may not be the dream business networking social network it was a few years back, but there’s still over 300 million users that you can tap into on any given day for recruiting new talent into your business.

How to Politely Tell Clients to PAY UP

Collecting money from some clients can be like like trying to pull porcupine quills out of your dog’s nose. Check out this explainer vid to see how Zencash uses the “nice guy” approach to keep on top of, and collect money for their designer clients.

Networking 101: Be Honest With Yourself About Your Personality Type

A turtle that’s come out of it’s shell is vulnerable, and everyone around him knows it. This quick video talks about identifying your personality strengths and how to leverage your introverted or extroverted traits to network effectively, instead of looking like a shell-less turtle in the middle of the interstate!

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