Could This be the Best Auto Industry Commercial Ever Made?

Could This be the Best Auto Industry Commercial Ever Made?

In the face of continued challenges from overseas automakers, I think this commercial offers one of the most inspirational messages to American auto industry consumers I’ve ever seen.

It’s dreamy mix of visuals and optimistic messages from Ed Justice from Justice Brothers.

Check it out:

Truly, I’m not for or against foreign competition. Yes, it can destroy jobs, but it also drives up quality and drives down prices.

It all comes down to what the masses want, and what they want is variety in pricing and design, so…

Imagine what your iPhone would cost if it were manufactured on American soil?

With all that said, I found this commercial to be very nostalgic and at the same time a brightly lit candle for the future of American automotive manufacturing. Makes you imagine the possibilities, am I right?

Hope you did too.

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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