Networking 101: Be Honest With Yourself About Your Personality Type

Networking 101: Be Honest With Yourself About Your Personality Type

I think a lot of people venture out into business thinking they’re going to do a complete 180-degree personality change. Your personality will definitely change over time, as successes start to come more and more, boosting your confidence. However, self described introvert and entrepreneur advocate, Evan Carmichael, suggests being truthful with yourself about your personality type and then find a way to leverage it to your advantage when networking:

Short, sweet, and to-the-point, right?

I’d go on to further say that if you’re an introvert and you try to force yourself to be wildly outgoing and communicative too soon, it will definitely show to the people you approach — in the form of awkwardness — or a perception from others that you’re phony — or that someone forced you to talk to them for some reason. Alarm bells go off pretty quickly from people when we try to be something we’re not.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t change, but don’t consider yourself a face-to-face salesperson if you’re not. Might be better to identify instead where exactly you fit best into your company structure and hire people to do the in-person stuff that most businesses rely so heavily upon for their marketing.

Do what you know folks!

A turtle that’s come out of it’s shell is vulnerable, and everyone around him knows it.


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