Rare Footage of a Young Steve Jobs Dishing Out Marketing Wisdom

Rare Footage of a Young Steve Jobs Dishing Out Marketing Wisdom

Steve Jobs actually did have hair at one time! See him back (I believe) in the late 80’s, when Apple wasn’t doing so hot, discussing his forward-thinking vision about how they were going to leap forward and dominate the tech space.

“We at Apple believe that people with passion can change the world.” Steve Jobs.

Strange that his passion has created a modern empire that, until very recently has stood on the top of the heap for its ability to innovate.

I’m not a huge fan of Apple products. My issues, particularly with iPods and iPhones (grrrr) would make for an epic rant, but alas: I love Jobs and his business and marketing acumen.

Seems the absence of Jobs is leading the company to a low they may never emerge from, in my opinion. Others agree with me too: see what Peter Cohan thinks in this Forbes article.

What do you think about Jobs’ vision and how effectively he managed to execute it?

Has his death left Apple permanently crippled with regards to their ability to innovate and capture market share?

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