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Mission: To educate and amuse with smart business updates from all around the world

Biz Epic is a business news website covering business, finance and marketing topics from a different perspective.

We think that the business world should not be boring; entrepreneurs need to be creative in facing daily challenges. Boring content doesn’t really help in their endeavor; inspirational quotes, smart case studies and great videos do.

Owner’s note

Biz Epic was launched in March 31st, 2014 as an experiment to an opportunity, as well as a response to a challenge. Let me explain…

I read Buzzfeed. I read Viral Nova. I read Upworthy. I also “read” Cheezburger. When I read them I see 1 thing in common: Their updates have magnetic headlines and what’s in the post itself is very intersting, inspiring and amusing.

They seem to defy gravity: Their web traffic soar, and despite Google’s crackdown on thin content, they seem to be able to survive, if not thrive.

As an online magazine owner, I always worry whether my articles and posts are interesting enough. I tried many things – long form content, short form content, video content, etc.

I learn that whatever content you have, your headlines are the key to the traffic floodgate. To put it simply: If your headlines suck, people don’t care what comes inside.

So I researched and researched, and I concluded that the business niche is under-represented. There are several good indie sites, but that’s about all, really.

I saw this as an opportunity and started Biz Epic.

Discover the beautiful world of business with us!