Top 20 Tech and Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

Top 20 Tech and Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

Ranging from interesting to downright bizarre, here are some of the tech and marketing trends to expect in 2015:

The List:

20. Responsive Retail: Location based beacons. Can you say “mo money, mo money, mo money?

19. Ritualized Collaboration: There’s way too much of this already, in my opinion. Seriously, why would someone pay $200 for a cheap-quality set of headphones just because Justin Bieber puts his name on them? C’est la vie!

18. Competitive Reward: I didn’t catch this one, but I assume it has something to do with gameplay of some sort?

17. Everyday Robotics: The world first portrayed by the Jetson’s isn’t too far off now.

16. Tiny Indulgence: Less guilt than eating a whole pizza

15. Waste Currency: So awesome, let’s take care

14. Social Exclusivity: Can’t wait for more of this. Sometimes I get a hankering to post a shirtless selfie on Instagram. Doesn’t mean I want it on the net forever.

13. Biometric Capture: We will merge with our wearable devices!

12. Meta-Marketing: This is one of my favorite trends, that’s been brewing in the marketing world for some time now. Are you, like me, sick of phony-bologna ads that make you feel like the brand’s treating you like you’re a complete idiot with cash burning a hole in your wallet?

11. Swap Commerce: Well, gas prices are tanking, the dollar’s soon to follow. Guess it’s about time we set to finding a way to survive after the economy collapses!

10. Chemical Revolt: Yes! Stand up against manufacturers putting cheap carcinogenic crud in your food, beverages, skin cream, deodorant, etc. What you put inside your body goes without saying, but please remember this: if it doesn’t go inside, it doesn’t belong on your skin!

9. Multi-Sensory Marketing and Virtual Reality: Not sure what to say about this one really. Smartphones have already separated us from so much of what makes us human. Makes me think of the Matrix, to be honest.

8. Upscaled Convenience: If you’re part of the chemical revolt, the food aspect of upscaled convenience need not apply. You can’t make commercial, ready-to-serve food that tastes good and is store-able without putting a bunch of nasty junk in it!

7. Expanded Luxury: Well, if you’re a marketer in this niche market, the time to strike is now. Consumers need to realize this is how Starbucks uses bargain basement coffee and a grand “Starbucks Experience” to separate you from your money.

6. Tech Paranoia: You wanna play in the realm of high-tech satellites, WiFi signals wherever you go, and remotely opening the door to your house from 100 miles away, you gotta find a way to protect your info and possessions from hackers, right?

5. Masculinity Defined: This is fine with me, though I’ll admit that there are some feminine conversations I just don’t wanna be a part of, and some things I just don’t wanna share with the guys. This is a showdown between Tim the Tool Man Taylor and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince folks!

4. Bespoke E-Commerce: Why do my Nikes have to look the same as yours? Love the possibilities this brings in the coming years.

3. Practical 3D Printing: It’s not just for manufacturers with deep pockets anymore.

2. Clairvoyant E-Tale: This is a money making goldmine, however this type of service doesn’t appeal to the consumer in me. You?

1. Routine Rental: Just be careful who you rent from:

 Any trends you’d like to share for the coming year? You know what to do!



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