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How to Politely Tell Clients to PAY UP

Collecting money from some clients can be like like trying to pull porcupine quills out of your dog’s nose. Check out this explainer vid to see how Zencash uses the “nice guy” approach to keep on top of, and collect money for their designer clients.

How Customers Think, Circa 2015

Entrepreneurs and anyone else working to market a product or service needs to see how current customers identify with the brands they choose. This graphic details current customer trends, behaviors and brand preferences.

5 Tips to Make Yourself a More Schmoozeable Networker

The art of the schmooze can be elusive for some, while other appear to thrive effortlessly in a crowd. Being an effective marketer is more about planning ahead and listening effectively than talking like Marty Kaan from the House of Lies television program.

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