9 Key Factors That MIGHT Make Your Video Go Viral

9 Key Factors That MIGHT Make Your Video Go Viral

Having at least a few of the following 9 elements in the video content you post online is essential for making them go viral:

Sadly, for all of us marketers out there, there are no guarantees in this game. Even Justin Bieber has the occasional video that gets less than a million views!

Still, the video hits it on the nail with their list, which would make a great Post-It note for any of you who’re looking to hit the jackpot with a viral vid.

  1. Authentic
  2. Irreproducable
  3. Odd
  4. Humor
  5. Musical (celebrity musicians always produce the most viral content)
  6. Surprising
  7. Impressive
  8. Parodies
  9. Timely

I thought about posting up some links to viral video compilations for you guys, but decided not to. The reason being that, aside from crazy pet and child-related video antics, most viral videos involve: extreme pain, sexual content, or are just plain gross.

Having a celebrity in your videos can always help, but usually isn’t a possibility unless you have a massive budget or are running an attention grabbing non-profit campaign.

What do you think? Is it even worth a marketer’s time trying to create a viral blueprint, or does trying to plan one out kill the authenticity?



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