How Customers Think, Circa 2015

How Customers Think, Circa 2015

This graphic shows what the new breed of customers are looking like in a world filled with mobile access and brand-conscious customers who’re savvy to deceptive and often cheesy advertising methods. Customers are seeking more transparency from the brands they choose.

The world’s a changing and brands seeking success this year need to be ready to meet the challenge.


So, there are some surprises in the above graphic and some things that most of us entrepreneurs know quite well already:

  • No shock that EVERYBODY is on their bloody phone all the time.
  • Whether it be for revenge or the betterment of others; customers will vent their frustrations about you on ALL the important social media channels.
  • Your customers expect you to give back to society in a number of ways; not just take their money and run.
  • For the most part, when they’re entertaining purchasing a product or service, they don’t really much care about what YOU and your advertising say about how great your product. Advertising is important, but if you can’t back it up with a great reputation, they will sniff you out, cross-referencing with a variety of online authority sources before considering your offer (they assume you’re lying or at least playing up what you or your product can do — they’re likely right too!)
  • You have to always be ready for a sale. Customers will defect if they can’t get what they want from you because you’re “sold out” or suddenly make massive sweeping changes to a product they like.
  • Shipping and on-site pickup options need to be fast — customers want options and will often pay more to get what they want, when they want it.








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