5-Step Approach to Gaining Your Audience’s Attention During Presentations

5-Step Approach to Gaining Your Audience’s Attention During Presentations

Watch this if you’re sick of looking into a sea of glazed-over-looks and/or head-bobbing from your audiences while giving presentations.

Five Step Approach to Giving a Killer Opener:


1. Don’t show the audience you’re nervous:

You’re going to be nervous, that’s unavoidable. I’m sure Barack still gets nervous when addressing people and that’s been his life for decades. Stand still, don’t fidget, scratch your face, etc. Keep your body still and hands at sides. The inflection tip about slowing it down to give the impression of confidence is gold (how many people have you listened to who show nervousness in the speed and volume of their voice). Never let em’ see you sweat!

2. Build credibility:

Don’t focus on the monotonous and pompous “I’m a pharmacology expert who has spent twenty years learning my trade. I spent 4 years at Columbia, followed by…” Focus on telling the audience about the problem you can help them solve. Use “You” and “I” language: “People are sick of taking medications that just make them sicker. I specialize in helping people just like you to find naturalistic alternatives to pricey and damaging pharmaceuticals.”

3. Deliver your Hook:

Make the audience feel more: happy, successful and/or free in their life. Fill in the blank “I’m going to make you _____.” Using my example from #2: “I’m going to make you a healthier you in the next 60 minutes, by showing you healthful, natural alternatives to big pharma and their health-robbing, cash-sucking medications, so you can feel better and no longer be a slave to your pharmacy and medicine cabinet.”

4. State your agenda:

Display the key takeaways the audience will take home with them after listening to you. Use a powerpoint or direct them to the relevant section in your handout.

5. Credible statement:

Use statistics or other relevant data to convince them that they NEED to learn what you have to teach. Using the pharmaceutical example: “Did you know that most pharmaceutical drugs only mask problems like high blood pressure? They don’t extend your life and certainly don’t improve your quality of life. Yet doctors and big pharma insist you need to take them, instead of using natural alternatives that actually improve and even erase common problems like high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. If this sounds like you, today you’re going to leave with a new lease on life.”


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