Innovations in Construction Screener Technology

Innovations in Construction Screener Technology

While the quality of work is often about much more than the tools and technologies that a business has at their disposal, there’s no denying that they can help. Having a greater pool of resources means that you can get the exact technology or tool that a situation demands, and this can often make both you and your customer or client feel more confident in what’s being done.

Sometimes it’s not even about new technologies, but ways that familiar tools have been innovated upon. As is the case in construction, with screening technology improving over the years to provide you with the best possible service.

Improved Filtering

While the quality of concrete crushing is naturally going to improve with newer, top-of-the line models, the filtration of the resulting concrete, that is, the ability of the machinery to correctly segment them into finer classifications, can make all the difference. This is the core strength of concrete screener technology in the first place, but when you innovate and strengthen that core function, it can make these machines an even more invaluable asset.

More than this, it can be something that allows you to be more efficient with your team, especially if it saves you time or money. Outlets like can offer you a greater range of machines that let you customize the strength you want to lean into.

Energy Efficiency

The way you think about improvements and innovations is important as well. Presenting yourself as a sustainable business has its advantages, but it’s only going to yield them if you’re following through with your actions instead of resorting to greenwashing.

If newer variations of concrete screening machines can do a more effective job while being more energy efficient, then you’re able to utilize them without fear of how that will impact your emissions.

While this might be an advantage that you lean into for its environmental benefits, it’s also worth being aware of how this might save you money due to the lower amount of energy that newer machines may use.

Simple, Small Improvements

Sometimes, it can be so easy to focus on the overriding differences between older models and the new, that is, the back-of-the-box features, that you don’t focus on the smaller, quality-of-life improvements that make new screening technology much easier to use.

While you will have to ensure that your team members are properly trained on how to use the machinery, as with all other tools, if the interface is more readable and user-friendly, that’s something that can reduce the downtime spent on trying to prepare it. Furthermore, if these machines are able to perform their regular function with less noise, they might be easier to use in a wide variety of environments due to the relative lack of noise pollution.

Another area that you might be happy to see improvements in could be safety, which might also make a wider variety of employees feel more comfortable and happy about having the relevant training.

Cover photo credit: David Luther Thomas / Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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