3 Body Language Tips to Improve How People Perceive You

3 Body Language Tips to Improve How People Perceive You

Your body speaks much more loudly than your words. Perfecting good body language traits and eliminating the bad ones are essential for success in business and your social life. Check out the following tips to help up your body language game!

3 Simple and Very Effective Body Language Tips Anyone Can Use:


1. Shoulder Positioning:

I really like how Faye demonstrated the massive difference a few inches can make with how you position your shoulders. This one’s a tough habit to break, so if it sounds like you — get to work and don’t let yourself slouch!

2. Hands (what to do with them):

Using your hands while you talk is an extremely effective way to control a situation and make sure people are listening to you — if you’re using tried and true hand gestures such as holding your palm(s) up in front of you to convey honesty (see Barack in main image), or holding your palm(s) down to let people know that you’re saying something important and want their full attention. Hold your hands on your lap if you’re a fidgeter or (gasp) obsessive nail-biter!

3. Stillness:

I’m sure Michael J. Fox wouldn’t mind me pointing out that some people cannot stand/sit still because of health issues such as his Parkinson’s. However, if you’re nervous or simply hyper-active, you won’t gain any brownie points if you can’t sit still. Stillness conveys calmness, but also helps to calm the person or persons you’re talking to. There are instances where presenters get away with this (ever watched a TedX event?) But for the most part, stillness is akin to godliness in most interviews, meetings or presentations.


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