Veronika Makes Coats for the Homeless. The Story Behind Them is Inspirational

Veronika Makes Coats for the Homeless. The Story Behind Them is Inspirational

Entrepreneurs can change the world – starting by solving problems, one at a time. This is what Veronika is working on right now.

Veronika, CEO/Founder of The Empowerment Plan based in Detroit, USA, is an inspirational figure in social entrepreneurship. Here’s why.

Her business makes coats. Not just any coats for the mainstream market. They are for the homeless.

And don’t underestimate the quality of the coats, because they are awesome: They’re not just coats; they can be transformed as sleeping bags.

I know what some of you think: “Cool – it’s a great cause, but why on earth she creates the coats for? Homeless people don’t need coats; they need jobs.”

Veronika is fully aware of that: She knew that the coats are just ‘band-aids’ for the homeless; they don’t solve problems.

Veronika works hard to take part in solving the problems, and as her coat business grows, it opens up the window of opportunity to do just that: She employs homeless people and help them in becoming more independent and accomplish more in their life.

This awesome and heartwarming entrepreneurial story is what inspiring me, and keep me challenged to offer more value for my business – and hopefully, helping to change the world, one step at a time.

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