12 Startups that Will Change Healthcare Forever

12 Startups that Will Change Healthcare Forever

No matter how cliche it is, I personally believe that startups change the world – no matter how big or small the impact is, in any possible industries you can think of.

In healthcare, startups are innovating to improve healthcare services, as well as discovering ways to give better treatment for patients.

In this infographic published by Northeastern University Online, we can learn how 12 startups change the healthcare world for the better:

Future of Healthcare infographic

As we can see from the list, tech – in the right hands – can change people’s life dramatically.

My favorite startup would be Medisafe – it solves simple, yet crucial problems: Health issues occur when people are not taking the prescribed medicine, and Medisafe can help us track the schedule.

What’s your favorite startup from the infographic above?

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