Google News: UBER’s Biggest Investor Set to Become Their Biggest Competitor

Google News: UBER’s Biggest Investor Set to Become Their Biggest Competitor

After backing Uber to the tune of $250 million just a few short years ago and several unknown cash infusions since, Google is now talking about bringing their autonomous, self-driving Google Cars to the helm of the app-based transportation industry:

The video above is a little more pessimistic toward the idea that Google will actually try to take over Uber’s marketshare.

Take a look at this second news clip, which delves into the goings-on in Google and Uber’s offices and confirms the belief that Google may not want to continue their relationship with the app-transportation-giant, but rather take them out of the equation using “brute” financial force:

I would say that if they (Google) can, they will. Even if they wanted to overtake Uber using the current human-driven-car-model which has made the company so successful, it really would come down to a battle of the almighty dollar. Who in their right mind wouldn’t trust a brand like Google, regardless the industry? If they opened up a 5-star restaurant, you’d have Wall Street yuppies and suburban Americanites everywhere flocking to try the latest “Blogger Burger” or “Wanna Play Smoothie”?

Trustworthy self-driving cars might be closer than many speculate too. After all, once again it all comes down to who has the fattest wallet for R&D. Google has one of the biggest wallets on the planet and aren’t afraid to pull it out whence they set their mind on a goal.





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