Revolutionary New Smartphone App for the Visually Impaired

Revolutionary New Smartphone App for the Visually Impaired

This free new smartphone app represents a real leap forward in something that you might not expect when talking about technology: human compassion!

Check out this new app called Be My Eyes. I was skeptical at first, until they explained the backbone of the seeing-eye system.

Did you think, like me, that you were going to see some sort of clunky, computer-controlled, cloud-based app that was still full of bugs that needed to be worked out?

When I clicked on this vid, I envisioned a lactose-intolerant blind guy going to the store to buy some juice and instead getting a jug of 2%. Or worse, some poor soul getting smoked at a crosswalk because the app suddenly lost its connection with the cloud and didn’t warn them about a red light or something.

What an amazing idea for an app though, right? And how shocking is it that there’s (at least currently) no monetization behind this particular offering? Being designed by a non-profit, it will always be free I’m sure.

It’s only available on iTunes right now here: iTunes

But you can request to be notified when the Android version is available here: Be My Eyes Android

If you’d like to help this project and have an iPhone 4s or newer, simply download the app and sign up to be a volunteer. Make sure you tell everyone you can about this new app, whether they be blind, poor-sighted, or someone looking to give some of their free time to the visually disabled.


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