Paycheck Mentality: Why Most People Are Doing it Wrong

Paycheck Mentality: Why Most People Are Doing it Wrong

Check out one of the newest videos from Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki.

He shares some interesting perspectives on how many of us are raised with the wrong mindset toward creating wealth.

One key takeaway I wanted to point out is what Robert talked about around the 14 minute mark, when he talks about being conscious about the thoughts going on in your head at any given time; the poor person, the middle class person, or the rich person.

So true how there’s a poor person in all of us — scoffing at the price of a bottle of water at a hotel, the price of gas, (the outrageous price of any hand-held technology that starts with the letter “i”!) This, as opposed to finding a way to make more money, without having to work longer hours, etc., to be able to afford those things.

He talked about a lot of other things, such as the crippling sense of entitlement ravaging North America’s youth and replacing the old ideals of the American dream, Vietnam (had no idea that war was about oil?), staying motivated once you reach a certain threshold of wealth, George Bush, Bill Clinton, the state of education, and much more.

What did you find most interesting?




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