Stop Letting Problems Consume You — We Grow the Most When the Storm’s Over

Stop Letting Problems Consume You — We Grow the Most When the Storm’s Over

Perhaps you’re heading toward a “storm” or you’re right in the middle of it. The great news is that once that storm ends, you’ll grow stronger than ever.

Let Eric Thomas motivate you to deal with problems head on, so you come out the other side of them a better, stronger you!

I think this vlog from Eric comes down to pessimists vs. optimists.

It’s so hard to stay positive in the face of pain and problems. I remember, very clearly, meeting a few select people throughout my life who had dealt with so much pain throughout their life, and yet you’d never know it to meet them. People with chronic health problems like cancer, congenital heart and organ problems, rape, torture, etc. Yet everyone they meet sees only the warmth and positive aura they project.

Then there’s the pessimists of the world. Everything has a bad side — boo hoo hoo, blah blah blah.

Optimists live longer (source). And you can change if you’re currently someone who only focuses on the bad side of things. You can stop playing the victim and become someone who deals with problems knowing the sun will be shining down on you when the storm finally lifts.

Really love the Hip Hop Preacher and the positivity he’s spreading.

Ask yourself this: Are you a storm chaser, or do you hide under the nearest bridge when the sky turns grey? If you’re viewpoint is holding you back, commit to making a change today.


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