Almost Went Broke, Rovio Entertainment Struck Gold with Angry Birds

Almost Went Broke, Rovio Entertainment Struck Gold with Angry Birds

Craving for a success story? Here’s one for you: Angry Birds. But this success story is not about how the Angry Birds franchise rule the world. Instead, this story is about how it was started.

I’m sure you have heard about Angry Birds; but just in case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a game app developed by Rovio Entertainment. It’s about catapulting a wingless bird to a building blocks and a bunch of bad piggies. The idea is to eliminate the bad piggies. What crime have they done? Well, they allegedly stole the birds’ eggs. No wonder the birds are angry – all the time.

A Finnish game developer Rovio Entertainment struck gold with its Angry Birds. But unlike what many of you assume, Angry Birds is not the first game Rovio develops. In fact, things are not looking up before Angry Birds. Here’s the real story behind Angry Birds:

How Angry Birds Started

Wow. This is shocking. Before Angry Birds, Rovio almost went bankrupt. Fortunately, they didn’t give up. They decided to give it a go one more time. A wise, life-changing decision.

This leads to a lesson learned: Again, you shouldn’t get bored when someone told you not to give up. Because, it turns out that successful businesses and products out there are the results of grit and persistence; because, it has been proven again and again that a dying business turned from bankruptcy to success just because they decide to give it all for the last time.

This Angry Birds story is an excellent case study of this post.

Don’t give up. Just. Don’t.

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