Want to Win? You Gotta OUTLAST Challenges

Want to Win? You Gotta OUTLAST Challenges

I LOVE this image. I saw it for the first time several years ago, and it keeps me to move on and not giving up.

As you can see in the epic image, the diamond is just one step away and giving up all the time I face a challenge means I will never know what happens when I struck the diamond. Even worse, I will never know how success feel because I never achieve one. The biggest problem: I give up too fast.

I really did. Lessons learned. Today, I am where I am because I’m not giving up; it’s because I outlast the challenges I face; it’s because, thank God, I have my back against the wall. I have a family to support and if I gave up, who will take care of my wife and kids?

Let my man, Eric Thomas a.k.a. The Hip-Hop Preacher, explains this thing better, stronger:

Got it? If you want to succeed in what you do, you gotta outlast things. You need to work harder, work smarter, become stronger, learn better and – this is your takeaway – be better than anyone else.

I know it’s hard to get yourself motivated days in and days out, but hey – if it’s easy, then everybody does it.


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