Why It’s Important for Nonprofits to Understand VoC

Why It’s Important for Nonprofits to Understand VoC

Running a nonprofit is a rewarding way to help others. After all, unlike traditional for-profit businesses, working at a non-profit allows you to align your work with a service or good solely designed to help others. Whether you work for a non-profit educational service, an arts organization or museum, or even a medical research non-profit, the chances are high that you have an affinity for the cause at the heart of your institution’s mission.

Just because a non-profit has different priorities than a for-profit corporation doesn’t mean that you can cut corners when it comes to running the company, though. In fact, many times, because your budgets are partially comprised of ticket sales, educational offerings, or grants from large funding organizations, it’s even more important for you to run your non-profit in an efficient manner.

Fortunately, there’s a wealth of helpful technological tools and software to help you perform this work more effectively. Read on to learn more about some of the innovative platforms non-profits are using in their day-to-day operations, including powerful new voice of the customer solutions.

Why should your nonprofit understand voice of the customer (VOC) solutions?

Analyzing data presentend by a VOC platform

One of the biggest advancements in tech recently has to do with platforms that offer greater insights into how your customers (or in the case of non-profit organizations, constituents) interact with your business. More and more organizations are looking to voice of the customer solutions in order to handle this type of work.

If you’re really invested in engaging with your customers in a meaningful way, VOC platforms are the perfect way to go about performing that type of work.

It all starts with sending surveys to your customers or constituents with a strong foundation in the kinds of questions that really get to the heart of how they interact with your non-profit.

Beyond using advanced survey logic, VOC tools can also offer contextual insights through pop-ups on specific web pages or based on customer behavior. For example, if you want to know why visitors to your donation landing page aren’t converting, it’s worth investigating with a specific survey that sees if there’s something on your webpage confusing customers or discouraging them from making a donation. This gives you powerful, actionable insights that can help inform the crucial decisions you need to make running a non-profit.

What to Look for In Other Tools for Nonprofit Work

Working with non-profit management tools

When it comes to finding other tools to help your non-profit run more efficiently, it’s worthwhile to consider which departments are struggling the most or could use an extra hand. For example, running fundraising is obviously crucial to the wellbeing of many non-profit organizations, so it makes sense to look for tools that help manage these sorts of campaigns in a bit more streamlined way. Check out the suite of tools offered by a company like Engaging Networks to see if they have the right tools to help you boost your fundraising capabilities.

Whether you’re looking for peer-to-peer fundraising tools or a way to handle membership for your museum, they’re bound to have a solution that fits your needs. You can visit them online at engagingnetworks.net to learn more about the products and services they offer.

As you can see, there are some exciting and dynamic new ways that technology is transforming the way many non-profits conduct business. Especially considering the fact that many non-profits have to operate with fewer resources or leaner teams, having the right tools can make a major difference in how effectively you run your organization.

From voice of the customer solutions to a full suite of tools provided in a customizable manner, there are plenty of ways that you can leverage technology to better execute the fulfilling work of running your own non-profit organization in the 21st century.

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