How to Find Reliable Contractors for Your Business Needs

How to Find Reliable Contractors for Your Business Needs

Finding an independent contractor is never an easy task. Whether you need an office renovation, a cleaning team, or IT specialists, businesses need contractors in some form. There is much to think about before hiring an independent contractor. Do they have a good reputation? Do you know other businesses that use them? Are they dependable?

Whether it’s finding a painter, plumber, or other, the following are five tips to keep in mind while searching for the right independent contractor:

Ask For Estimates

Never take an offer from the first independent contractor on a project. Get an estimate for the job beforehand. Ask for a bid if there are multiple contractors. It can help you narrow down your decision and figure out the budget and timetable of the project. When discussing the job, take equipment, materials, and subtractors into consideration. Know the independent contractor and anyone on their team that will handle parts of the project.

While setting up a bid with contractors, there are other questions to ask. You should see if they’ve done work for any competitors or in the same industry.

Searching online resources

Online Contractor Resources

Asking friends or other people in your industry about independent contractors can help your decision. To find the right contractor, you can use reputable sources that rate the contractors in the area.

Websites such as Checkbook and Angie’s List help customers find the right contractor in their area. You can check the experience of contractors in places like Networx reviews for finding plumbers and painters. Networx lists many contractors including, cleaning, heating, and cooling, carpentry, pest control, landscaping, IT, remodeling, and more. Websites like this are the easiest way to get the most accurate information about local independent contractors.


Craigslist has a prevalent job board for companies to post jobs. Typically this service costs $75, but two other sections list independent contractors for free. The gigs section allows you to see contractors in your area that offer the services you need for your business. These gig job listings are temporary jobs, which are for the independent contract work style. The resume section on Craigslist allows you to see the qualifications of a contractor or other position. Calling for references or checking reviews is an excellent way to verify a contractor.

University Job Boards

Many universities have dedicated job boards, and it’s an excellent place to check for local contractors or post ads listing the jobs needed. Other than the university job board websites, the university career office is a good place to ask. Businesses can use this to find contractors they can build relationships with for regular work. This goes for posting an ad on your company website or blog as well.

Placing a job description for people to see on your company website will allow independent contractors to find you. You can share the ad on social media accounts for more traffic.

Small business owner finding a contractor

Be Thorough

Whether you are receiving bids or just asking for estimates, there are other things to keep in mind. You need to be thorough about who you choose, even if they come recommended. Depending on the job, you might need specific licenses. Each state has different laws. You need to know the subcontractors the company uses. You should know every vendor that works for your business.

A background check for any independent contractor is a good idea, and the Better Business Bureau is a great place to start. You don’t want someone with business violations on their record to be working with your business.

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