How to Start an Independent Medical Practice

How to Start an Independent Medical Practice

Every day hundreds of people require medical help, and we have limited hospitals and clinics. There is a lot of pressure on the public health care system in the world today. Having a Medical practice can be of great help to the world, especially during a global pandemic.

However, starting an independent medical practice can be a very complicated and challenging process. There are a lot of things to do to run an independent medical practise that will succeed.

Create Your Brand

Because you are starting an independent medical practice, you must develop a personal brand that differentiates you from others. Use your money and time to develop a name that will be easy to remember, like A unique logo and a mission statement that communicates to the general public is an excellent way to start.

The combination of your mission and your vision statement becomes your “brand” of medicine.

Develop A Business Plan

You cannot start a successful business without a business plan. Planning is very important for anyone venturing into independent medical practice. The document must contain your objectives, goals, values, and mission. You will also include your finances and budget planning and create a timeline for your practice.

The business plan is like a guide to you for the next few months of you starting your medical practice. Determine your objectives and plans, create a financial plan, and manage your budget. All these will have to be included in your business plan.


Now that you have your business plan and brand name, the next step is to find finance for your business. One of the common methods to get capital is to apply for a business loan. You can consult a financial advisor to help you find ways you can get this money. The capital will be used to purchase equipment and tools, construction and building of a hospital, staff salaries, marketing of the business and payment of other bills relating to your medical practice.

Discussing business registration paperwork

Make Your Business Legal

As an independent owner, you should choose a legal business structure that affects how you pay taxes. Once you choose your legal structure, you should apply for an employee identification number (EIN), which identifies your business for taxes at the federal government.

Paying taxes has many benefits. Apart from getting the tax people off your backs, you’ll also qualify for any government incentives.

Purchase of Equipment

At this stage, you will need to buy the tools and equipment needed for your medical profession. Exam tables, x-ray equipment, or even surgical lights for outpatient procedures, can be required.

Computers and software, credit card machines, utilities, landlines, internet, office desks and chairs, hospital beds will also be purchased. You will also need to get a stethoscope, blood pressure monitors, and an ultrasound scan if you’re a specialist.

Hire Staffs

At this stage, you are fully established. All you have to do is hire staff you need like the office manager, billing staff, nurses, therapists, radiologic technicians, and many more. You should not only look for qualifications but also personality and character. The people you hire will, to a large extent, determine your success.

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