Is Professional Development Becoming the #1 Work Perk New Employees Seek?

Is Professional Development Becoming the #1 Work Perk New Employees Seek?

What makes one job a great place to work, and another a less-than-stellar workplace? The answer to this question varies based on the industry and the job seeker you’re trying to reach. For example, some of the traits that garnered Venterra Realty recognition from Great Place to Work and Fortune Magazine by 95% of the anonymous staff members surveyed, may not be the same qualities that are appealing to a job in the tech sector or restaurant industry.

Even so, some of the perks that help create satisfied employees are consistent from workplace to workplace. Professional development, for example, is becoming more and more important to many job seekers who, unlike their parents’ generation, are more likely to switch jobs multiple times in their careers.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most important perks to offer employees if you want to stay competitive as an employer.

Professional Development

Professional development

As noted above, professional development is becoming more and more important to employees. Staff members want to feel like they’re invested in by the company they work for, and professional development opportunities give your team the chance to grow their skills and knowledge, and then illustrate that growth to you.

The result is a win-win for companies looking to boost productivity and create new solutions, since employees who attend external conferences, workshops, and seminars, are more likely to engage the skills they’ve learned, when they’re back in the workplace.

For example, if you’re looking to boost income this quarter, you may want to consider sending your sales team to a professional development workshop that lets them network with and learn from other sales professionals. There are plenty of sales training programs that can accomplish this goal, boosting your salespeople’s skills by introducing them to a new sales methodology and really taking a look at the buyer and seller process.

The end result won’t just be higher sales, either; you’ll also have more excited employees ready to show off their new sales skills.

Work/Life Balance


Especially with recent changes due to COVID-19, a work/life balance can be difficult to strike for employees. That being said, more flexibility in when, how, and where your staff members work can be the best way in creating better work/life balance and attracting more talent to your company.

Some businesses choose to achieve this by offering team members the option to work remotely for several days a week, while other teams are totally decentralized, and work around the world. It’s also not uncommon to see more generous parental leave policies and “unlimited vacation” perks offered to staff.

All of these perks and benefits are what more and more employees are expecting from employers: help to establish a good work/life balance.

Office Environment

Fun office environment

The kind of office environment you create can also be a perk for employees who’re looking for more than just cubicles, a desk, and a computer. For example, many offices also offer recreational features like ping pong tables, billiards, or puzzles for employees who need to take a 15 or 30-minute break to recharge during the workday.

Catered weekly lunches can also create great rapport, by bringing team members together for a meal and saving them money on their lunch, too. Even open floor plans can encourage more collaboration and ultimately presents a stronger team.

Health Perks

Angry Garfield

Health perks are also increasing in popularity when it comes to the sorts of benefits that prospective employees are looking for, and this goes beyond traditional health insurance options. In some situations, offices have gyms and workout equipment available for staff use in the workplace itself, which makes it far more convenient for workers to get their exercise time in, before or after work. Other companies offer reimbursement for monthly gym fees.

Finding a way to keep your employees healthy also has benefits in the workplace, so this is a great perk to offer staff.

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