A Few Quick Fix Strategies to Minimize Your Hiring Time (Infographic)

A Few Quick Fix Strategies to Minimize Your Hiring Time (Infographic)

The best candidates are available for just 10 days before they get hired by a company. What are you doing to make sure you’re snatching up the best of the best? Not sure how to land the best prospects? Then you are among the 42% of employers who think they will not be able to hire the right candidate on time.

Worry no more, friends. It’s actually relatively easy to minimize hiring time and land the go-getters of the world out there looking for a job right now.

In the post below, you’ll learn some excellent strategies to get you your desired candidates while decreasing your time to hire, followed by a detailed infographic from CandidateRewards.

There’s No Alternative to Social Media

Your best candidates are on social media. In fact, candidates hired from LinkedIn are less likely to leave the job in the first 6 months. Guess what? Your competitors and already using social media for hiring. What are you waiting for?

What Do Candidates Say About Your Company?

Create an experience for your candidates so that they talk about it for a long time and you get word-of-mouth referrals for free. For that, first, you need to understand what delights candidates the most. Platforms like Candidate Rewards can help you get real-time data so that you can understand what candidates value.

This will help you understand how to position your offer in a way that will be more appealing. So you can increase your offer acceptance rate and cut down your hiring time.

Have You Used AI Yet?

If you haven’t used AI yet, you’re missing out because 38% of companies are already using it for better talent searches. There’s a possibility that some of them are your competitors. It helps you organize the whole hiring process without much human intervention. Therefore, it also decreases human bias.

It gets you the best resumes before anyone. It also increases candidate engagement with the help of chatbots. Explore Candidate Rewards to understand how it can help you reach the candidates you need at the right time and place. There is also AI onboarding software that can make the hiring process even easier. That’s what smart hiring is all about.

Finally, check out the infographic below to help you in your future hiring efforts:

Hiring strategy infographic
Image courtesy: CandidateRewards

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