6 Ways to Improve Your Small Business

6 Ways to Improve Your Small Business

Running a small business can be difficult, especially in the midst of a pandemic. That being said, if you don’t actively work to improve your business each quarter, then you likely aren’t cut out to make it in your industry in the first place. Improving any business, regardless of size, takes time, effort, and resources.

Here are six ideas to help you jumpstart your small business.

Invest heavily in SEO

Invest in SEO

One of the leading reasons why small businesses fail includes failed marketing initiatives. While you can spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns to drive people to your website, it’s just as important to use search engine optimization (or SEO) in order to generate a better online presence in the first place. As Peaks Digital Marketing, a Denver SEO company, showcases, having team of SEO experts handle your search engine optimization and management can go a long way in driving the traffic and sales you’re looking for online.

If you haven’t focused on things like local SEO, it’s time to take your digital marketing efforts more seriously and talk to an SEO agency to see how to improve your organic traffic.

Choose all-in-one software when possible

Using all-in-one software

Every team has their own personal taste when it comes to the software they use, but when you’re running a small business it’s crucial that everyone’s on the same page. This is why finding an all-in-one solution for a wide range of your company’s software needs can be especially fruitful at unifying your team and saving you money.

Whether you’re looking for a CRM system that integrates with ERP and revenue tools or need a solution for performance management, Manobyte is a great option to consider. For both direct sales and indirect sales, Manobyte has the tools to help your business scale its distribution network effectively and efficiently.

Set up weekly all-staff meetings

Staff meeting

One easy, cost-effective way to grow your business is to enlist the input of your employees. By setting up weekly all-staff meetings, not only will you help build a more communal workplace, but you’ll also find ways to work between departments and address small and large problems your business might be facing.

Often, just offering coffee and donuts at these meetings is enough to incentivize a greater level of participation, meaning it’s likely the most valuable catering budget you’ve ever spent!

Invest in your staff with professional development opportunities

Invest in your staff

Beyond investing in your staff by listening to them, it’s important to offer your employees a way to grow their skillset within your business. Professional development opportunities are an excellent way to do this, whether it’s by paying for them to attend conferences about their role or signing them up for a class that boosts their technical skills. Even including a free subscription to a website like Lynda.com that they can access while employed is a great perk to offer your staff to show them you care about them growing with your organization.

Listen to your customers

Listen to customers

Just as it’s important to listen to your employees, it’s equally critical that you listen to what your customers have to say, too. You can do this by monitoring your social media channels more closely, chatting with your customer support agents to see what sorts of feedback they’re receiving, or even sending out an emailed survey.

All of these tools can help you build upon what customers love about your company while shoring up any weaknesses.

Head to trade shows

Trade show Maggie

Trade shows are a great way to grow your business in numerous ways. Beyond presenting at a trade show and attracting new customers, a trade show offers you the opportunity to network with others and learn more about their needs or solutions.

Finally, a trade show is also a great team bonding event, as your staff can work together to prep and present your business in the best light possible, growing closer together in the process.

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