11 Proven Ways To Build and Grow Your Email List From Scratch

11 Proven Ways To Build and Grow Your Email List From Scratch

There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your customers and grow your business.

Build and growing your list is the hardest part of it, but in this article, I am going to show you some proven steps to improve your list and generate more sales quickly.

Also, you might have heard that there is ‘’Money in the list’’, and that is the reason many marketers spend a lot of time and money to grow their email list.

Here are the nine ways to build your email list and grow your business.

Product packages

1. Offer Free + Shipping

If you have a book that you can give away for free, you can offer it for free, plus shipping. Top marketers like Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker use free plus shipping to generate thousands of leads while still selling their products.

Before the visitors asked to pay for shipping, they will need to add their email address, even if they don’t pay for shipping, you have already got their contact.

Free offer + shipping also work for physical products, if you’re into eCommerce. This converts well, but you’ll need to offer upsell that people can buy after they subscribe for free shipping.

One of the best tools to create a free shipping offer is Clickfunnels funnel builder, and many top marketers have built thousands of subscribers using this method and increase their sales significantly.

2. Post on Medium.com

Medium.com is now getting more and more attention as people are getting more traffic to their website. If you can write epic contents, the medium is an excellent place to generate more leads. Make sure you direct visitor to your opt-in page.

3. Give People a way to share your freebies easily

Your lead magnet can go viral when you allow visitors or customer to share them through social media. Twitter is the best place to tweets your freebies.

You can create a direct link with Click to tweet and asking people to share it.

Make sure to install social sharing plugin to allow people to share your lead magnet. Social welfare is a useful plugin that makes it easy for people to share your contents on the social media platform.

Facebook Live
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4. Get on Facebook Live

This is a game-changer, and many people are killing it with Facebook live streaming. You can go live on your timeline, in a group, on a page you manage, public etc.

5. Free Trial

A Trial offer is a way of given customer free access to your product or service for a specified period. For example, if you’re selling a membership training or software, you can allow your customers to access it for free for 7 days before charge their credit card.

Before they can get access, they will need to register with their email. Even if they don’t purchase the product after the trial period ends, you can still market to them since you have their contact.

6. Use question and answer sites

Quora is one of the best questions and answer sites to find most questions relate to your niche. Answer question related to your lead magnet and add your opt-in page as a reference to learn more.

7. Facebook Groups

Facebook group is a potent source of traffic where you can attract thousands of visitors. Help people solve their problems by providing a useful answer to their questions on Facebook groups will help you to get their attention and build a relationship.

At the moment, the Facebook group is very HOT when it comes to driving traffic to your offer. Ask visitors to visit your page.

LinkedIn marketing

8. Use LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is one of the best social sites to get quality leads. Find and joins groups that are aligned or related to your niche. Create a relevant and quality content that is of super value to the group to attract the interest of the people.

Now that you have a quality content share it extensively in the LinkedIn groups you have joined. When sharing your content, make sure you check or enable ‘’post to group option’’ before you proceed to the next step.

Another thing is that you can also ask the group owner to share your content via an announcement. Ensure you read the rules and regulation of the group before posting. A single post can generate quality leads that will be relevant to your product or service.

9. Get interviewed

Get people around your niche to interview you on their podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook group or more. This will give you more exposure, and their audience will get to know about your business and service.

Toward the end of the interview, you can offer the audience a free report that will require them to subscribe to your list.

This method is powerful if you are selling digital products such as online course, services and more where you need to create awareness to let people know about your incoming digital product launch.

10. Host Podcast

Podcasting is hot now, and many people are getting results through podcast. It is time to jump into this channel to drive thousands of your listeners to your funnels and grab their email address.

Most top marketers are getting more traffic with podcasts now and generate more leads. Always add call to action (CTA) to your podcasts and tell the listeners to visit your opt-in where they can download your free offer.

11. Create an event

There are two types of event, offline and live event.

If you’re hosting a live event, for people to register for your event, they will need to register with their email address. In an offline event, you will need to write down their contact details, mostly email address and add them to your list. A platform like a meetup makes it easy to host your event. You can run a small workshop or networking event.

Email list


Getting quality subscribers to grow your list can quickly help you to 3x your sales and build a relationship with them.

If you’re not thinking about start building your email list, it is time to start. There are also other ways to get customers, but if you follow these ten tips, it will help you to get fast results.

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