5 Essentials to Your Preventive Maintenance Program

5 Essentials to Your Preventive Maintenance Program

Businesses that implement preventive maintenance programs limit their down time. In turn, they keep their profits high and their customers and/or clients satisfied. As a business owner, one of your primary goals is to make your customers and/or clients happy.

If your production, facilities or equipment breakdown, you might fall behind on delivery. For this reason, you need to create a preventive maintenance program to keep your entire business running smoothly. This type of program entails performing maintenance checks on equipment regularly.

If you want to achieve higher profits, continue reading to learn the top essentials to your preventive maintenance program.

Specific Goals

Before you can implement a preventive maintenance program, set specific goals for the plan. When companies do so right from the start, they can easily prioritize their tasks correctly. In turn, they keep their uptime high and their costs low. After all, they do not have to put large sums of their profits into fixing equipment issues that came about due to poorly scheduled tasks. More so, they can clearly envision what they are working toward when they have the goals written in front of them. They also avoid falling into financial ruts that many other businesses who operate without goals fall into.

Use the top tips for setting goals for employees to develop aspirations that are both clear and motivational. Then, you can create a successful preventive maintenance program.

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Equipment Standards

Another essential to your preventive maintenance program is a list of equipment standards. If your work requires your equipment to meet specific compliance standards, include those in your preventive maintenance program.

Consider your own, personal equipment standards. If you run a high-end restaurant, for example, your standards for your commercial cooking equipment might be even higher than inspectors’ standards. When you write all of the specific standards down, your maintenance crew can effectively plan what needs to be done when. Thus, equipment standards are essential to your preventive maintenance program.

Predictive Sensors

Moreover, include predictive sensors in your preventive maintenance plan. This essential piece detects when machines are close to failure. The sensors are wireless and were created to monitor machines as they perform. Also, consider implementing monitoring systems that will monitor gas levels for your building’s generators. Performance is important, but so is the safety of your employees and customers.

In addition to monitoring equipment and alerting employees when failure is near, predictive sensors also tell workers how long they have to fix or replace the machine. Often times, a Bently Nevada vibration sensor can prevent an entire plant or factory from shutting down for weeks. Keeping operations running, the best industrial vibration sensor price pays for itself many times over. Therefore, you need these preventive maintenance tools to operate with a quality program.

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CMMS Solution

The best preventive maintenance programs also include CMMS solutions. A computerized maintenance management system automates your program. These solutions allow businesses to put their data to use. You gain automation services with these systems, which saves you time and money in the long run.

You and your employees no longer have to put long hours into creating spreadsheets for your program. Instead, your CMMS solution can handle it for you. As a result, you and your employees have more time to work on more crucial projects.

Increase your productivity and improve your preventive maintenance program by including CMMS solutions.

Frequent Training

Finally, provide your workers with frequent training and include this essential in your preventive maintenance program. When professionals stay up-to-date on their training, they miss less small issues. Since the smaller issues often lead to larger, more costly ones, offering regular training programs is crucial.

Hire other professionals to train your employees every few months or so. Continuous training will also demonstrate that the company is committed to taking preventive measures. Find workers who have a good track record of boosting safety in the workplace. Include a specific number of mandatory training dates in your preventive maintenance plan to avoid spending capital on machine fixes.


If you want to boost your reputation and retain more of your profits, you need to implement a preventive maintenance program. The best programs include specific factors.

For instance, set goals for your company’s maintenance team so that they can properly prioritize their tasks. Develop a list of equipment standards, including both compliance standards and your own, personal standards. CMMS solutions expedite maintenance processes, creating a more productive team. Predictive sensors monitor machines and alert employees when they are beginning to fail. Lastly, frequent training prevents workers from missing small issues that could lead to bigger ones.

Every successful preventive maintenance program includes these essentials.

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