The Benefits of a Signal Booster for You and Your Business

The Benefits of a Signal Booster for You and Your Business

In today’s world, almost everyone has a cell phone, for a myriad of reasons: to message or call someone, to surf the internet while you are on the go, to watch your favorite Netflix show, or to send urgent emails to your boss.

According to a Pew Research Center study in February 2018, nine out of 10 Americans own a cellphone.

Unfortunately, we still live in a time when cell phone signals can sometimes be erratic or downright unreliable. In a 2012 study, Pew found that 72 percent of cell phone owners occasionally experience a poor signal. Of this number, about 32 percent of the owners say they experience a poor signal several times a week.

Several factors affect why you may experience a poor cell phone signal. According to the Federal Communications Commission, these may include your proximity to a cell site in your area, physical obstacles, network capacity, or even natural disturbances that may affect communications.

A poor or erratic cell phone signal can spell disaster for a lot of people. Imagine not having cell phone reception when you need to talk to or message somebody, especially in an emergency. What if you take your family on a vacation to the countryside and are unable to get a good cell phone connection, but you need to check in with the office occasionally? What if you are a home-based or virtual worker and you need a stable cell phone signal for your communication and data connection requirements? How about trying to get help to fix a flat car tire in the middle of the night, but you cannot find a good cell phone reception?

Because of such issues associated with a poor cell phone signal, a lot of people have looked to innovative technologies to solve the problem. A cell phone booster for home or office can be a real lifesaver for individuals and businesses.

Functions of cell phone signal boosters

A signal booster essentially improves weak cell phone signals, boosting them to minimize bad cell reception and dropped calls as well as improve data speed. Most signal boosters work with all cell phone carriers in the country. A booster gives individuals and groups a scalable solution to adopt to various settings. They improve cell signals in homes, offices, apartments, commercial spaces, as well as cars and boats.

With a signal booster, individuals and companies can maximize their digital connections wherever they are. It allows home-based workers, people on vacation, or those driving their cars to have good and stable internet connections, giving them access to the rest of the world even when they are in a remote area.

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Boosters for different situations

Choosing the best signal booster for you depends on your need or your location. Just because a signal booster works in a vacation home doesn’t automatically mean it would work in your car. For indoor needs, you may want to get a kit that can cover 5,000 to 7,000 feet but does not provide wide coverage when there is a weak outside signal.

For a business, using a professional-grade booster will tap all the signals from the nearby cell phone towers, electronically redistributing them throughout the company’s premises and can improve several times over the capacity of the existing incoming signal. The latest technologies can even simultaneously boost not just cell phone signals, but also those of Wi-Fi and HDTV.

For vehicles, you may want to get a multiuser signal booster, which can simultaneously improve the signal of several cell phones. In that way, the devices you used in your car will get signal boost simultaneously. These devices can include not just smartphones but also computers or even mobile hotspots. Some police units across the country use cell phone signal boosters in their patrol cars to improve their cellular services.

Cell phone signal boosters have been providing much-needed services to countless individuals, small businesses, and large companies across the country. These electronic fixes allow people to have full communication and digital access even though they are living in remote areas or while traveling, enhancing productivity and safety.

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