Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Office

Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Office

There’s definitely something thoroughly satisfying about going through the office and cleaning it, leaving everything shiny and sparkling before coworkers and customers arrive. However, in your plight to banish all of the blemishes, you could easily miss a few things.

That’s why it can pay to prepare a checklist of to-do tasks for your spring cleaning mission. That way, you can enjoy a spring in your step and the vibrant feel of spring in your office, too.

Get the basics right first

Assuming that you’re office is a decent size, you probably have more than a few areas to clean. Such as separate offices, reception, the waiting area, and other areas such as the break room, and kitchen or kitchenette. However, several spring cleaning basics listed by Better Homes & Gardens could apply to every room in your office, so you mustn’t neglect those.

In tidying up, you could find some items worth donating to local charity shops, while doors, knobs, floors, carpets, windows, curtains and light fixtures would all definitely benefit from a good cleaning.

If you can’t stand the dirt, get into the break room

Given that the break room is where everyone stores and prepares food, you probably wouldn’t be surprised by recommendations to thoroughly clean your sink, refrigerator and freezer. However, even certain kitchen areas and appliances used for cleaning need cleaning themselves.

Fortunately, Good Housekeeping has good advice on this matter, including how to use lemon rinds to clear a smelly sink and microwave.

Cleaning the office makes life better all round

Naturally, you want to make everything liveable and comfortable for everyone you work with – but don’t forget about the waiting areas and/or employee lounges. It would definitely be worth remembering to deep-clean upholstered furniture and thoroughly clean the cushions and chairs. You might also come across old DVDs or magazines worth giving away.

Don’t forget to clean the undersides of chairs and tables, too, as Reader’s Digest advises.

Bathroom sink in office

Bathroom cleaning is a must

If your bathroom includes built-up grout, spray it with a suitable cleaner before holding off for several minutes and then using a stiff brush to scrub away. Don’t forget the sink, as its nozzles can clog up and not work as well over time. Fortunately, you can rectify this by unscrewing the nozzle – if this is easily possible – and spending an hour deeply soaking it in a gentle cleaner. Otherwise, put that cleaner on an old toothbrush and try to improve the flow that way.

Oh, what a feeling when you’re “cleaning on the ceiling.”

Kind of a cheezy reference to Lionel Ritchie’s song “Dancing on the Ceiling” but hey, office cleaning isn’t most people’s most exciting topic, so hey. Spring cleaning is something you only do once a year, so you might as well tackle areas that would escape your view most of the time. Those areas include your ceilings, so use an extendable duster for the likes of ceiling fans, mouldings and hanging and recessed lights.

If dirt has accumulated on a ceiling due to a leaky gap in a damaged roof, arrange to get this fixed; you could give a call to roofing contractors in Yorkshire or wherever else you live.

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