MBA for the Business Owner: How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from an MBA Degree

MBA for the Business Owner: How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from an MBA Degree

Generally, it’s an employee that considers getting a Master’s degree in Business Administration to further develop as a professional. However, can the owner of a business benefit from an MBA program as well? As it turns out, entrepreneurs can certainly benefit from an MBA degree in more ways than one, especially those owning a small or medium level enterprise.

How that holds true is what we will get into now, as we discuss some of the usual benefits that an MBA program brings naturally to the table, and how they are relevant to the person who is already in charge.

The Knowledge is Invaluable

There is a reason why MBA stands for Master’s in Business Administration and that reason stems from the fact that, at their core, MBA degrees are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and training necessary to run any business administration with maximum efficiency.

The education and training imparted during the course, combined with the natural leadership skills and experience of an entrepreneur, essentially makes the business owner an updated and improved version of himself/herself. For example, you may already have the leadership skills necessary to manage your current business well enough at its present size, but an MBA in Executive Leadership or Management will teach you how to expand your business and manage all the extra work and additional staff with maximum effectiveness.

Learning New Models of Management

As discussed in the previous point, an MBA program teaches the business owner how to create, expand and manage bigger businesses with better productivity. However, even when expansion isn’t an immediate goal, the knowledge regarding the various models of business management will help in boosting productivity and profit, without even having to expand further. The entrepreneur can then utilize this increase in the profit margin to fuel business growth in the near future.

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Flexibility of an Online Program Makes MBA a Possible Option Even While Running a Business

As an entrepreneur of an established business, one cannot be expected to relieve himself/herself from the business completely to finish a degree course, but that is not necessary anymore either. Entrepreneurs can complete a top online MBA program from their own office by choosing one of the many CCNE Accredited MBA programs available at Spring Arbor University.

The programs cover everything that a traditional MBA program would, but the flexible nature of the courses allows busy professionals to complete the entire course according to their own schedule. Alternatively, for those that can keep up with an accelerated path, the MBA courses can even be completed in just one year. If you are a business owner with sufficient background, the accelerated path may actually be the right one to take.

Staying up to Date with Changing Times

Business is always changing, and so are the core mechanics involved in running any business successfully. By completing a Master’s in Business Management, entrepreneurs are able to update their own knowledge about the various facets involved in running a successful business. It facilitates learning about the latest innovations in the field of technology and how to implement that knowledge successfully in bringing about better results for their own business.

An example of this would be learning how to implement social media marketing techniques in a modern business environment, or how to tap into the infinite resource pool of Big Data are just some of the many modern aspects of business that one will get introduced to. Being a business owner, he/she may already know about some of it, and might already be implementing them to a degree, but a modern MBA degree will fill in the knowledge gaps, as well as expanding that knowledge to new heights.

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An MBA will Allow for Excellent Networking Opportunities

Is there a better place to build business networks on a personal level than being in business school? Everyone from the faculty and the guest lecturers, to the fellow students themselves are all important connections for the present and the future.

A small business owner might meet new people during an ongoing MBA program, that they simply couldn’t have met otherwise. One could find a partner or investor for the business, or even a mentor to guide them towards bigger and better things. It isn’t unlikely that, as a business owner, you might even find fresh talent to recruit into your own workforce.


Aside from the many practical and applicable advantages we just discussed, there is also a question of prestige for an entrepreneur when it comes to the MBA degree. While connecting with others of equal or higher rank, or while interacting with potential clients, the company just comes out looking so much stronger when it is being headed by someone with the formal education often considered necessary to run a successful modern business.

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