JD.com Is Launching Its Latest Promotion By Once Again Joining Forces With A Previous Business Partner

JD.com Is Launching Its Latest Promotion By Once Again Joining Forces With A Previous Business Partner

JD.com has just announced another fun and exciting promotion that features a character that is known by people across the globe. China’s e-commerce power player and retail giant has just announced that it will partner with Paramount Pictures and partner once again with the Hasbro company in order to bring JD.com customers access to great merchandise based on the Transformers movie franchise.

Bumblebee Goes to China

The newest Transformers film features the character Bumblebee, and this is the character at the heart of the new JD.com promotion. These kind of promotions are nothing new for the team at JD.com and the firm has partnered with Hasbro in the past.


As recently as 2017, the two company’s joined forces to bring Transformers fans a mini short that was had a fun Mission Red theme to it. The new Bumblebee promotion will feature three of these fun and exciting Transformers mini shorts. Well-known menswear clothing line HLA and Panasonic are also getting in on the fun with this newly announced JD.com promotion.

This new Bumblebee focused Transformers film is set back in 1987 and is set for its Chinese release soon. That makes this the perfect time for JD.com and its partners to launch this exciting new promotion that will include some great merchandise.

Super Bumblebee Day will be the name of one of the major events that JD.com is throwing in celebration of the new promotion. JD.com’s more than 300 million customers will get the chance to get their hands-on Bumblebee merchandise from companies such as HLA, Hasbro and Panasonic. People across China will also see a host of JD.com delivery vans decorated with a Bumblebee theme. Many delivery boxes are also getting this same treatment.

Other Projects JD.com is Up to

One thing that is undeniable is the fact that the team at JD.com has been busy over the last handful of years by making diligent efforts to change the face of retail forever and to develop it to new levels of efficiency. Many of the efforts that the company has been working on were put on show in Las Vegas recently. This took place at the world famous Consumer Electronics Show. Convention goers had a chance to see some of the amazing innovations that JD.com has been working on to transform the efficiency of the retail business through automated delivery systems and sophisticated subterranean logistical networks.

Another major feature of the push that JD.com has been making recently is what has become known as the Boundaryless Retail Strategy. The basic idea behind the concept is that a customer of a retailer should be able to attain products whenever and wherever they desire to receive those said products. The continued tech expansion of the JD.com logistical network and supply chain is making this possible.

JD.com has also opened up some innovative shops at some of the biggest travel hubs in China. These shops operate in a futuristic manner that doesn’t involve being manned by physical human employees. These initiatives are making it more possible for JD.com to enact its Boundaryless Retail Strategy.

JD.com has also been able to expand on its Boundaryless Retail Strategy by making use of a new concept in retail. The company has partnered up with many small businesses across China and allowed them to have access to the JD.com platform in order to not only increase their own business but to add value to the JD.com platform. Many of these businesses are your traditional brick and mortar type operations that do business out of a physical location instead of online.

This has been yet another way that JD.com has been able to innovate in the retail sphere.

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