Does Your Website Need a Page Monitor?

Does Your Website Need a Page Monitor?

More than ever, website owners need to be aware of the state of their cybersecurity. It’s a pressing concern that’s affected millions over the past few years, and the prevalence of cyber attacks is projected to keep growing. Even if your business maintains a smaller website that doesn’t see much traffic, that doesn’t mean that you’re immune to the possibility of a cyber attack or even improper content alterations can have negative effects on your business.

A page monitor might be the right solution to keep your site intact.

The background of page monitors

For years, consumers have reaped the benefits of page monitors. Instead of constantly manually refreshing web pages to spot content changes, new information, and the latest releases, they’re able to set up page monitors for various URLs to keep track of when they’re changing. Many consumers will use a page monitor around big retail holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to receive instant notifications about sales, deals, and new offers.

Naturally, that’s not the only application of a page monitor. While it’s great way to take advantage of deals to make sure you’re not breaking the bank, monitors also have numerous other practical applications. Even if you’re armed to the teeth with the latest, greatest cybersecurity applications, page monitors are useful for internal management. For example, if you’re not the primary editor on your web page, you can use a page monitor to determine when content is being changed and who’s changing it. It’s a great method for keeping your team accountable, as long as you’re transparent about implementing it.

Protecting your reputation

If you’re not accurately monitoring your site’s pages, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to cyber attacks and reputational damages. Say you only do a monthly site audit to check on the overall health of your URL. Hypothetically, a hacker could infiltrate your website, alter your content, and mess with your code mere days after your audit. Unless you were notified by a user—presuming they didn’t immediately exit your website upon encountering technical issues or mangled content—it’s highly possible that you wouldn’t notice the changes for weeks.

Now think of how many of your clients and prospective customers might have seen those errors in that timeframe. It’s not an unlikely scenario and plenty of businesses have fallen prey to hacking attempts and phishing scams that provide unwelcome access to their websites. Lately, your digital presence is your first point of contact with all of your clientele so it needs to remain sterling to be effective.

Cybersecurity system

Professional assistance

If you’re not the most tech-savvy business owner, there are still plenty of ways to obtain the cybersecurity protections your website needs. Plenty of agencies are sprouting that are completely devoted with developing custom security solutions for business owners across the world. It’s an affordable alternative to hiring an in-house tech professional, and it’s well worth the investment.

Opt for an agency that has an excellent professional reputation. If you’re working to keep your reputation clean, you want a business that shows you the proof is in the pudding. If they’re respected throughout the security industry, or if you’ve obtained an enthusiastic word-of-mouth referral, they’re probably worth your time and money. Discuss tailored solutions that meet your business’s exact needs and determine whether a page monitor is the proper route for maintaining the health of your website.

A monitor for every page

In the early days of the internet, it might have been true that page monitors weren’t all that necessary. However, times have greatly changed. Page monitors can mean the difference between maintaining industry respect and suffering painful reputation damages. Don’t leave the opinion of your business to chance. By being proactive, you’re positioning yourself ahead of cyber threats.

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