Industry Outlook: What’s in Store for the Customized Footwear Industry in 2021 and Beyond?

Industry Outlook: What’s in Store for the Customized Footwear Industry in 2021 and Beyond?

Consumers have gotten fussier. They want the option of custom design in clothing, home goods, and footwear. People want shoes that fit their personalities and match different outfits. Customized shoes help a person create their own style and special “look.”

The 3D printing technology has made customization of shoes and other clothing products more possible and more affordable. Urban populations are becoming more health-conscious and are demanding custom footwear for athletics and workouts.

Custom-fit running shoes

Why is the Custom shoe Market Growing?

Fashion trends are coming and going at faster rates than in the past. People want to follow new fashion trends quickly and to change their footwear as the trends change.

Keeping up with fashion trends requires quick choices and moves. Customized shoes help this happen as well as making the latest trend of shoe fashion fix the customer better. Custom shoe manufacturing is also able to grow because of increased urban populations and increased disposable income.

Growth Opportunities Are There

Custom choices for shoes can include fun patterns for tennis shoes, special colors in both fabric and leather, and more choices. About 24% of the online shoe sales are now customized. That leaves 75% of the shoe market that can be tapped for customized sales in the near future. That is a lot of sales potential for footwear companies that know how to tap into it.

Barriers Exist For Customized Shoe Market Growth

The custom footwear manufacturers face challenges in the customizing market such as the high cost of materials and products and limited ways to customize the footwear. New companies offering customized footwear must overcome the customer wariness of new companies and worries about quality. They will need a good marketing program to convince customers of their high quality and dependability for shipping.

Sports shoes

Some Predictions For the future of the Custom Footwear Industry

Would you be drawn to a footwear company that advertised shoes designed by you for your unique feet in a factory near you? Custom 3D printed footwear can be in your future as the cost comes down to affordable levels. Major companies such as Adidas and the new molecular science shoe sensation Carbon have both announced futuristic 4D performance shoes and the 3D printing of the midsole of another shoe design.

Advanced technology is allowing more and more companies to customize their products including footwear. Customization software, an adaptive manufacturing platform, and computer vision technology are all helping fuel the footwear customization trends. The public is interested in customized footwear and is anxious for more products to become available.

The footwear industry is considering the mass customization and personalization of footwear. How must they retrofit their factories, what systems must be developed, and technologies used to deliver these customized products? How can manufacturers meet the customization wishes of their customers with low premiums charged so customers can afford the products?

How can the new technologies and labor costs be adapted for success? New customers demand a high level of quality and customization without the premium price hikes. This is the situation where manufacturers now find themselves. They are trying to develop mass customization with the goal of developing a product, producing it, marketing it, and delivering a finished product with adequate variety and customization to make customers happy.

Customization opportunities include:

  • Custom-fit using optical scanners and other technology
  • Style customization with choice options including fabrics, colors, leather, and accessories to be used within certain manufacturer limits
  • A custom selection of model and shoe sizeSelection of colors and materials for the upper, lining, and the shoelaces

Developing mass-produced shoes with an extensive list of options for customization is the goal of many footwear manufacturers.

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