7 Tips For Keeping Your Business Location Secure

7 Tips For Keeping Your Business Location Secure

Any business owner needs to be concerned about thefts and break-ins. The sad truth is that there are always people who are happy to steal from you if they get the opportunity. You need to be prepared, and that means knowing how to keep your premises secure.

1. Start with the basics

Sometimes the most important safety measures are also the most basic. Commercial steel doors are the best for securing rooms or a whole business, and you should add a basic CCTV system and the best quality locks you can afford.

Redundant locks are always a good choice, and it never hurts to include both old-fashioned mechanical locks and technologically sophisticated smart locks. Many criminals who know how to get through one can be stymied by the other.

The final basic equipment you should install is a quality alarm system. While this can be a significant initial expense, it saves you a lot of money over time in lower insurance premiums. It also protects your property and goods.

2. Make sure staff are trained

Everyone who works for you should know what to do if a robbery occurs during business hours. They should be trained in how to identify suspicious behavior and when to call 911, and they should even know some basic self defense.

Always make sure that staff are clear about the value of life over property. Should there be a robbery during the day, they need to remember to never risk their own lives or the lives of others in order to protect things.

3. Do a risk assessment

Bring in a professional to help you identify where you are most vulnerable. A good risk assessment should evaluate your physical premises, consider potential hazards to your workforce, and give you expert advice on how to keep your business and its people safe.

4. Protect yourself from the inside

Theft from outsiders isn’t the only thing to worry about. Employees also steal, and every year American businesses lose about fifty billion dollars to employee theft. The first step in preventing employee theft is to do thorough background checks on all potential employees.

To keep your goods and business safe, you also need to be careful about levels of trust. Be cautious about who you give security codes and keys, and educate your staff about the consequences of theft in the workplace.

Laptop theft prevention

5. Hold regular audits

Locks and alarms protect you from blatant acts of large-scale theft, but you also need to be protected from low-level theft. One of the best ways to keep your business safe is to hold regular audits of company property.

Help your employees take ownership of the company by making them responsible for different assets. This will take some of the burden off of you and also provide extra eyes to keep watch on your business.

6. Be friendly to the police

Make sure the local police know they are welcome. Simply providing a shaded parking space where officers can fill out paperwork, or a cup of coffee when they drive by, can be appropriate ways of developing a good relationship.

If everyone knows that local law enforcement could be near your establishment at any time, criminals will think twice about targeting your business.

7. Don’t ignore digital crime

It doesn’t help to secure your business premises and then lose everything to cybercrime. Keep all of your computers up-to-date, get the latest anti-virus software installed on all computers, and make sure employees know not to open suspicious emails or attachments.

Crime is real and the loss to business can be great. But you can avoid these losses by taking steps to protect your premises, people, and assets.

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