3 Top Motel Maintenance Tips

3 Top Motel Maintenance Tips

At first glance, running a motel might seem fairly easy. You check customers in and out and make sure the rooms are clean. Seems fairly simple at first glance, but the reality is far more complex.

When you get down to it, running a motel is like running any other business. You have to handle the financials to make sure you’re profitable and account for all sorts of moving parts.

One part that often gets overlooked is maintenance which stretches far beyond simple handyman fixes. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your motel in tip-top shape.

1. A closer look at the plumbing

Depending on how many rooms your motel has, you probably have quite the plumbing system running through your building. It’s important to remember that plumbing stretches further than simply unclogging toilets or fixing leaky sinks. From your sewer connectivity to the materials used for your piping, there are a lot of aspects of plumbing that are “out of sight, out of mind” for most motel owners, even if they shouldn’t be.

So, if you’re having consistent plumbing issues that aren’t being addressed, they can lead to some serious problems — and outrageous expenses — if you don’t get them checked by a professional.

One issue that many motel owners don’t regularly address is cracked sewer pipes. If your sewer pipe is experiencing cracks and fissures, you’re probably panicking wondering just how much it will cost to replace. That’s where a sewer pipe lining can save the day. It’s useful for repairing cracks without having to fully replace your plumbing which is great for business and even greater for your checkbook. However, this isn’t a DIY job and if you need a sewer pipe lining, it’s time to call in some professional help from an experienced plumber.

2. Machine maintenance

It’s more likely than not that you have a handful of vending and ice machines dotting your motel. Since many motels don’t offer breakfasts or have ice machines in their rooms, it’s a great way to provide guests with basic necessities without breaking the bank. However, both snack and ice vending machines are liable to experience damages and even malfunctions if they’re not properly maintained, cared for, and cleaned.

Especially when it comes to your ice machine, it’s important to regularly sanitize it. This prevents any bacteria from taking root in your machine which would be a big issue if a customer got sick from your ice. It also helps prevent the formation of any mold which is another major liability. Plus, having a dirty, grimy ice machine on your premises is a poor reflection on your business and can have a negative impact on your reputation.

If your vending machine provider doesn’t handle basic maintenance, they’re likely still able to refer you to someone who does or teach you how to sanitize the machine yourself.

Clean and tidy motel room

3. Keeping up appearances

You know the saying “never judge a book by its cover?” That, unfortunately, isn’t the case for many hotels and motels. This is because your first impression on a prospective guest is your one chance to give them a glimpse of what might await them inside. If your exteriors look poorly kempt and your building looks like it hasn’t seen fresh paint in over a decade, it’s time to rethink your approach to building maintenance.

Regularly touching up a paint job goes a long way towards refreshing your exterior. While you may not need to shell out to coat the entire building, doing spot work on areas that are particularly problematic still has a great effect. If you have any green space outside, take the time to do a bit of gardening. Greenery does wonders for winning over guests.

Maintenance shouldn’t be an issue

When it comes to maintaining your motel, it shouldn’t feel as though you’re handling hundreds of small tasks that have piled up over time. If you’re regularly taking care of your property the way that you should, it’ll be much easier to keep your entire operation running smoothly. It’ll also encourage repeat business once guests see how much effort and care you put into your lodgings.

Maintaining your motel is truly a win-win.

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