7 Inspirational Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch (Infographic)

7 Inspirational Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch (Infographic)

Inspiration… What is that again?

Inspiration is a fickle thing, it can come and go without you having much of a say in the matter. One moment you are working, feeling energized and knowing exactly what you want and why you are doing it. But then, a few minutes later all that energy is lost, gone who knows where and suddenly you are questioning why you even started this to begin with.

This applies doubly so to entrepreneurs, who more often than not thrive on inspiration and hard work to stay motivated to reach their goals, which at times can seem nearly impossible to reach. Without inspiration, the opportunities don’t look nearly as appealing as before, and it can be impossible to find the motivation to keep going.

There is hope!

Luckily, there are many ways find your inspiration again, for example going for a walk, taking a break or watching a good movie. This last one can instantaneously make a massive difference and help you find your motivation in no time.

While movies usually don’t paint the most realistic picture, everybody can recognize at least some aspects that they have ran into themselves while working. This allows you to really identify yourself with certain characters, making you much more invested in the story, and in turn it can show you many inspirational thing you may not necessarily notice from your own direct perspective.

Entrepreneurship and movies

Business and entrepreneurship are a popular topic in Hollywood these days. Whether it is a run of the mill comedy or an Oscar worthy drama, every few months you will see something that focusses on the struggle of business men and women.

Some of everybody’s favourite entrepreneurs have had movies made about them. From biopics to emotional dramatization about their lives and journey to where they are today. These show their struggles and failures and eventually, their astonishing success.

Your own success story

And now, here you are, going down the same path as these icons. Who knows, some of these people may even be one of the reasons you decided to become an entrepreneur!  Their difficulties show that no one just becomes successful overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. And if they can do it, why can’t you?

The following list from Market Inspector gives you 7 movies (and a bonus movies) that should help you get inspired all over again, and give you the motivation to keep going. The list includes something for everyone, from sport fans to hopeless romantics. And with a bit of luck this is all you need to get back to work on your own success story.

Inspirational movies for entrepreneurs - infographic

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