Top 5 Personal Development Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Personal Development Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts have become my go-to personal development activity as of late. Personally, I tend to absorb information better from listening and/or watching as opposed to reading books and blogs (though I’m not condemning the latter activity!) The following personal development podcasts are all any eager entrepreneur needs to listen to in order to learn the tactics and techniques needed to ascend the mountain to your goals.

Are there thousands of others you could listen to? Definitely.

However, I’ve assembled this list based on their no-bull attitude toward delivering information, mixed with just a smidgen of entertainment and perhaps a few tears — Jocko knows how to get the waterworks going!

Take a listen to just one and you’ll see just what a quality list of podcasts this is for entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to tell your friends!

1. JRE

recommended personal development podcasts

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is, in my opinion, the one that started it all for most of the guys listed here. That’s why I’ve given him first billing, even though I don’t listen as much to this one as Ferriss or Jocko these days. He offers long form, like Tim and Jocko, and like Tim Ferriss, he interviews EVERYBODY! I mean everyone, in every industry, profession, and niche. He’s even interviewed and unmasked a few charlatans who I won’t name (Google if you want to find out for yourself).

Yes, he’s a comedian and UFC pay-per-view host, but he’s also great at asking all the right questions while interviewing world leaders, entertainment celebs, and high class leaders of all kinds. He asks great questions, then lets them talk without interruption. Like Ferriss, he’s also great at zoning in on ideologies and industry-related terminology that might be confusing to people in order to gain the utmost clarification for listeners/viewers.

Joe’s also great at deconstructing his guest’s ascension to success and greatness, but does so in a very laid back, casual manner that’s easy to absorb. Ivan: He just interviewed Gary Vee a couple of weeks ago!

2. Tim Ferriss

recommended personal development podcasts

Tim gets a lot of love and very little hate when it comes to his 4-Hour / Four-Hour brand. The guy’s a dynamo at deconstructing the best performers in the world. He actually helped push my third current favorite (Jocko) into firing up his own podcast after they did an interview (search “World’s Scariest Navy Seal” on Tim’s podcast).

There is such a massive list of high-powered folks he’s interviewed over the last three years, I think the only ones left for him to get it on with are Sir Richard Branson and Warren Buffett. There’s a who’s who list of Silicon Valley superstars, journalists, artists, athletes — every niche imaginable.

He’s the master of long-form podcast content, so set aside two-plus hours for each. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop listening.

3. Jocko Willink

recommended personal development podcasts

Jocko is a decorated task force commander from Seal Team 3 who retired in 2010. He’s worked with and led the best of the best into what was considered the most hellish war-zone in Iraq: Ramadi. One of the strange things about Jocko is he says he loved going to war and loved being the one leading the charge, though he certainly doesn’t advocate it if it isn’t necessary to abolish evil.

You might wonder how a man of his history can help entrepreneurs. However, when you listen to his podcasts and other interviews he’s done with Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Brian Rose, and many others — or his recent Ted Talk on Extreme Leadership, you’ll be left with no doubt!

Back to the podcast: It’s informative, gripping, touching, and downright hard to hang in with all at the same time. He’s not afraid to take you into the war with he and his comrades, sharing stories about fallen heroes including American Sniper Chris Kyle. He also reads excerpts from popular books on war and leadership, then offers his own insights. Jocko runs his own thriving leadership consulting company.

His Q&A’s are epic and filled with all kinds of actionable advice on leadership and finding your way out of the darkness. Can’t recommend this one enough, and if you like it to, be sure to add him on social — Jocko’s famous for taking early morning pics of his watch at 4-ish am and giving everyone an inspiring one-liner to get the day started with.

4. Silicon Real

recommended personal development podcasts

Silicon Real is an offshoot of Brian Rose’s popular London Real vlogcast. While he’s known for interviewing the world’s highest class performers on the latter, he digs deep into the world of Silicon Valley startups on the former.

This part of the brand is relatively new, so there’s only fifteen or so podcasts to listen to so far. It will grow. I personally can’t put him in the same class as Tim Ferriss or Rogan, since both are true masters at asking all the right questions, but it’s darned good and the caliber of guests is the same.

Silicon Real is probably the best podcast for narrowing your information input exclusively to the startup world. You’ll need to sign in with your email or select a social account to log in with to get access.

5. School of Greatness

recommended personal development podcasts

Lewis Howes has it going on. Heck, he’s talked and danced (Julianne Hough) with some of the best in the world at this point on his podcast. Howes is famous for his rags to riches story of falling from grace as an arena football player, to living on his sister’s couch, to ascending to “greatness” by using his charm and wit to build a million dollar online empire, and hobnob with the best of the best in the business and entertainment world.

Howes’ School of Greatness has been recognized in countless publications and by former President Obama as one of the leading gurus that can actually help people to become rich.

Like the others, he deconstructs his guest’s lives, from start to finish, and does his best to extract nuggets of wisdom listeners can use to better their own lives. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, entertainer, or athlete, there’s an interview that will definitely speak to you in a decisive and actionable way.

Share your own recommendations and/or opinions about the podcasts listed in the comments.

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