Why You Should Maintain a Drug-Free Workplace

Why You Should Maintain a Drug-Free Workplace

Although many companies have been requiring drug screening tests in the workplace lately, it still remains to be a taboo today. If it is not done carefully, the company could put its employees’ trust and the law on the line. However, illicit drug use is not only detrimental in general, it is most especially a concern in the workplace.

There are many aspects of the company that can be affected with a drug user employee under its roof. Know what makes drug screening tests a must in your workplace.

Compromised safety

Illicit drug use has been known to affect a person’s judgment, which is a major concern not to be taken lightly in the workplace. In this altered state, a drug user will not only be a safety risk to themselves but also to coworkers and clients. This can be especially dangerous in certain industries, such as in construction, which requires dexterity and presence of mind. He or she may not have used illicit drugs prior to coming to work but such substances may trigger unpleasant side effects, which may include an altered perception of right and wrong.

Decline in productivity

Employees who are under the influence of drugs may tend to get easily distracted and struggle to focus on the tasks at hand. A single worker who cannot reach his or her full potential as a result of illicit drug use can trigger a domino effect in the performance of the entire workforce.

Habitual drug users may not only neglect their own workload but may also limit the rest of the team in achieving productivity, especially if they are working on connected tasks.

Loss of profits

Because productivity is negatively affected due to a drug or substance abuser in the office, it will only be a matter of time before the dwindling of company profits. An unsteady work pace or a decreasing production quality, not to mention a decrease in attendance and an increase in missed deadlines, are usually recipes to inconsistent profits. On top of this, an additional chunk may still be taken from the company’s profits considering the number of cases of employee theft influenced by illicit drugs.

Drug testing at work

Increase in healthcare costs

Aside from costs that may be incurred due to possible workplace accidents or loss in productivity, companies without pre-employment or regular drug screening tests may run the risk of incurring higher medical expenses in drug abusive employees. Since most companies offer healthcare coverage for workers, they may have to deal with rising costs that negatively affect their employees’ health as a result of drug use.

Higher turnover rates

Being open with your company’s pre-employment drug test requirement can discourage individuals under substance abuse to join your company in the first place, allowing you to handpick your employees based on your specific standards and goals. This will also prevent you from having to fire a worker down the road and having to incur additional costs on hiring again.


At the end of the day, ensuring a drug-free company may allow troubled employees to face their problem and encourage them to change their lives for the better. And this quest for change may start with your intervention.

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