Why Using Live Video Chat Is Great For Business

Why Using Live Video Chat Is Great For Business

Live video chat is a fantastic resource for businesses of any size. While at first it may seem daunting, there are a plethora of advantages that it gives you. This is the future of how people will do business, and it is important to get involved right away, or you will be swept away quickly.

Here are some of the biggest advantages to using live video chat for your business:

Investing in Quality Live Video Chat for Your Business

The success of your business hinges on the happiness of your customers. If they are happy, they will tell their friends and you will gain even more customers. If they are upset, they will tell everyone and you will lose clients steadily. With the internet as widespread and overpowering as it is, nothing stays quiet for long.

You have to use the best possible video chat to make everything happen, however. If you use some standard internet connection or lazy platform, customers can actually be turned off and move to your competitors. In some live chat platforms, lagging, poor sound quality, and loss of connection cause more damage than they do good.

Tony Zhao of video chat compnay Agora.io stresses just how important high-quality connections are. The quality of your communications are a direct insight into the quality of your product.

Video chat platforms like those from offered by Agora.io not only provides a easy and seamless way to incorporate live videochat into your app or site, but it offers a global infrastucture of over 80 data centers around the world, with the ability to fill in gaps between dropped data packets for uninterrupted, clear video calls. Making for a clear and stable connection between your business and your customers, no matter their quality of internet connection. Choosing the right video chat platform for your business, and the quality of it again reflects back on to your business.

Once you’ve invested in a quality video chat service, here are some of the benefits your business will reap.

Convenience for Customers

Live chat is pretty common on business websites; it is usually text-based. In the past when it was the only thing available, it was exceedingly useful to provide personal assistance from someone “in the know.” There were still problems, including lag times, spelling and grammar confusion, and communication barriers.

Live video chat for customer support

With live video chat, a lot of the communication barriers are knocked down. Agents are able to hear tone, pick up on facial expressions, and both sides can use visual aids for help. Your customers will be able to see when something is wrong and your agents will be able to correct it in half the time.

Even if there aren’t problems, live chat can be used to walk a customer through the purchasing process.

Live support is an effective aid to boost sales because it adds that personal touch that makes the customer feel valued. If customer loyalty is an important part of your business model, consider adding live chat to your website.

Increase in Sales

This convenience will lead to customers who are more willing to go through with a sale. Websites see a high level of “bounce” – when a customer almost complete the purchase but leaves a full cart at checkout.

If a customer has a question about the product, he or she can ask right away, eliminating the time between adding something to the cart and waiting for an email response. This speed eliminates the “doubts” that sometimes pop up about making purchases.

Cuts Down on Expenses

Whether your business is just starting out or you have been established for a long time, your budget can get overwhelming at times.

For customer service, you have to consider hiring multiple customer service agents to handle the calls, which takes weeks of training. Using live video chat, you won’t have to hire as many customer service agents as the time for each call is shorter than it was with text-based or even phone-based conversations.

In house, you won’t have to make extensive time for meetings when everyone is available, as video conferencing makes travel time non-existent.

Increases Employee Collaboration

It is well known that a team that works together, will achieve great things together. Live video improves the collaboration between employees in all parts of the business and it improves training practices.

Video conferencing with colleagues

Workers are able to communicate face-to-face from their desks without having to read awkward emails or visit another department that could be states away. Materials are easier to explain when they are visual rather than described and when more than one person can have input at a time.

Even training within the business will be easier, as new employees can ask questions at the click of a button – eliminating questions and reducing the need to shadow other employees and inhibit their work.

Edge on Competition

Competition is getting fierce, especially in the online world where just about anyone can say anything and make a sale. Over the next few years, it is only going to get worse.

If you offer live video chat, you are not only engaging your customers, you are creating a level of trust. If a potential client sees someone face to face, they are more likely to make a purchase, engage with your content, and return as a customer. This gives you an edge up because word gets around.

Even if a competitor has a better reputation initially, your customer service will speak for itself and your business will gain important traction. Over time, you will overtake those around you.

As with anything else, if you put the love and care into it, you will reap the rewards that you sow.

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