Gary Vaynerchuk is Right: I’d Rather be Corny and Winning (Rant)

Gary Vaynerchuk is Right: I’d Rather be Corny and Winning (Rant)

I just watched DailyVee episode 018 and early on it’s a hilarious moment where Gary Vaynerchuk drop yet-another quote bomb:

“I’d rather be corny and winning than fly and losing”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

As funny as it sounds, the quote is surprisingly deep (well done, GV!)

Trying to gauge my own situation with that quote, and I get quite a of revelation. Let me explain.

I’m an introvert. I hate to stand out. But that’s not really something to rant about – I view my personality as a great gift. My problem is actually that I so hate it when the spotlight is on me, because I can’t be me in that situation. I just can’t.

While Gary Vee can be as original as he can be, I can’t. I want to be me wherever I go, but I just don’t have the guts to do that. Too shy, perhaps? IDK. One thing for sure, I was trying to “fly” for so long, that I end up losing; I tried to please everybody too much; I tried to blend in too much; I tried to do like everyone else; I wanted to live a decent life, under the radar.

Those are costly. I lost my business trying to follow the rules. It seems that following the rule in the business world is just not for me. Beats me. It is what it is in my situation.

My business – along with the 100K that I invested in it using the “grants” from my parents and bank loans – went deep down below… just because I didn’t dare to innovate. I just hated the environment (e.g. the laws and regulations, the rule book, others’ expectations, ec.) and instead of break through it and be a winner; I chose the losing path – and close down the business.

Since then, I take the “corny and winning” way. Okay, okay – I can’t be corny like I don’t care… I’m an introvert and I’m shy, remember? I still love to stay away from the spotlight, but in my current business, I can be me – and I take pleasure knowing that people don’t know who I am and what I do – yet, I can make a living in a way that many others think it’s weird and impossible.

Yes, indeed – let me introduce myself. My name is Ivan Widjaya. I’m an online business owner. I own and manage websites (like this one that you read) that make me enough money to nearly live my life at my own term, working anywhere, anytime I want. I like being an anomaly and contrarian in the society, but I’m hustling and grinding toward my dream.

And yes, stealing Gary’s quote, I’d rather be corny and winning than fly and losing.

Would you?

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