35 and Under: The World’s Wealthiest Professionals (Infographic)

35 and Under: The World’s Wealthiest Professionals (Infographic)

In the world of business, there are an elite few who manage to reach extraordinary success at a very young age. In this age of rapid technological advancements, it is not surprising that many of these people harnesses the power of the Internet and technology to do so.

One of the best known young CEOs to reach incredible heights in the world of business is Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of the world’s largest social network, Facebook. At only 31, he is worth $45.3 billion dollars having started his company 12 years ago in a Harvard dorm room.

He is not alone. Airbnb, the peer-to-peer home and apartment rental-company, was founded by Brian Chesky (34), Joe Gebbia (34) and Nathan Blecharczyk (32). All three men are worth $3.3 billion dollars each where Forbes estimates that they have a 13% individual stake holding in the company.

Perhaps one who is the most interesting one – my personal favorite – is Elizabeth Holmes.  The 32 year-old self-made billionaire founded Theranos in her Sophomore year at Stanford University – she decided to dropped out for a good reason: To work on her startup full-time. Theranos is an innovative and controversial biotech company that brings blood-testing innovations to the masses.

Theranos is now valued at $9 billion, and Holmes’ share would be $4.5 billion-ish.  2015 is not an easy year for Theranos, experiencing setbacks that surrounds the effectiveness of the blood tests. 2016 would be considered as the “tipping point” for the company.  An interesting journey of the healthcare’s unicorn startup.

For more individuals aged 35 years of age and under who have achieved extraordinary wealth and success, have a look at this infographic created by the Brighton School of Business and Management.

professionals under 35 - infographic by BSBM

Cover photo credit: Alessio Jacona / Flickr

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