Expert Advice on How to Do the Business in The Right Way

Expert Advice on How to Do the Business in The Right Way

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful thing, a proposition holding infinite potential and rewards not only for entrepreneurs themselves, but for others around them as well. You don’t necessarily have to build a billion dollar empire to qualify the merits of a successful entrepreneur, but it’s the spirit and commitment behind the venture(s) you undertake that makes them stand apart.

In fact, there are an estimated 28 million small businesses in the U.S., which account to 99.7% of the whole U.S. employer firms – a remarkable feat in itself.

However, the road to entrepreneurial success is perilous. Many entrepreneurs are often heard complaining about the slower than expected growth of their businesses, and without a solid reason (according to them, of course!) apparently.

You need ttop complaining about your business problems and start learning from successful entrepreneurs who have already made a mark in their respective industries with their outstanding achievements. The best thing is that they are ready and willing to share their success secrets at Technorian, just as in these 101+ Actionable Business Growth Tips by World Renowned Business Experts.

Business growth tips infographic

Top business growth advice (recap)

  • Analyze your competition and replicate what’s working for them – Neil Patel
  • If you’re not getting punched in the face every day, you probably aren’t doing anything worthwhile – Eric Siu
  • Work harder than the people you hire – Barry Schwartz
  • Build relationships – Ian Cleary
  • Take content strategy very seriously – Bill Sebald
  • Market to influencers – Adam Connell
  • Diversify your content – Ana Hoffman
  • Always do amazing work for a client, and they will want more and refer you – Bill Hunt
  • Have one goal at all times. Whether that’s an hourly goal, a daily goal or yearly goal – Robbie Richards
  • Growth can only come when you know whom you are trying to reach – Yaro Starak
  • Be bold but don’t make mistakes you can’t recover from – Mark Schaefer
  • Have a clearly defined mission statement – Jeff Sheehan
  • Talk to your customers every single day – Alex Turnbull
  • Begin – and always work with – an ideal customer in mind – Lincoln Murphy
  • Build a plan and stick to it – Rishi Lakhani
  • Invest in educating your team members – Venchito Tampon
  • Engaging on social media networks and groups with freelance writer – Kristi Hines
  • Your Network is your Net Worth – Andrew McCauley
  • Guest blogging. My mentor, Jon Morrow, says to do four guest posts a month – Sue Anne Dunlevie
  • Start with fact-based competitive analysis by doing keyword research – Nick Eubanks
  • Focus on execution. So many entrepreneurs and business owners focus on what they can do and learning instead of testing and executing what they now – Sujan Patel
  • Reinvest. Don’t be afraid to reinvest profits back into the business – Christopher Guthrie
  • Understand your market and try to identify a niche – Marcus Miller
  • The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch – Christopher Mills
  • Constantly monitor your competition, take what they do to get success and do it better – Freddie Chatt
  • Keep a clear focus on what you want to achieve and why – Kevin Gibbons
  • Create your own mastermind group of people – Shauna Mackenzie
  • Educate yourself every day – Timo Kiander
  • Hire people who can do the things you can’t do well. Trust them – Jason Falls
  • Take big swings, but don’t forget that base hits win the ball games – John Doherty
  • Always deliver your best work – give them more than you promise – Ardath Albee
  • Identify your target market and speak to them – don’t try to be everything to everyone – Laurie S Hurley
  • First, create balance in your business process – Kathryn Aragon
  • Build a long-term monetization plan – Zac Johnson
  • Build a community of people around you – Martin Shervington
  • Mimic businesses in your niche that you know are successful – Dave Schneider

What’s your top growth tip from the infographic?

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