Greatness in Life Revolves Around Your “Success Routine” (Infographic Proof Inside)

Greatness in Life Revolves Around Your “Success Routine” (Infographic Proof Inside)

If I had a dime for every time I got myself jazzed up to start a new routine and didn’t follow through…

Well, as the old saying goes: I’d be rich! Some say penny, some nickel. I’m not kidding myself, we live in inflationary times here folks.

Just the same, the subject of changing one’s routine is important to delve into. Constantly if you want to keep progressing toward that better life you want so desperately.

I came across this graphic the other day, which outlines how several great minds of the past structured their day. The information revealed might shock some of you, but in a good way.

It turns out you can set up your day however you see fit — however you find that you work best:

Routines of the Most Creative Minds -Infographic

Of course, the graphic details the schedules of arty, creative types. However, before any of you get the idea that you don’t fit into the same mold as the greats listed above. Think for a second: Every part of your entrepreneurial journey is going to revolve around your creativity.

Look at the differences in the time each spent on their creative pursuits. So wild that Tchaikovsky was able to compose so many timeless classics working on his songs for so few hours! Nearly all, and I’ve also read Curry’s book, spent countless hours relaxing, having fun and socializing, apart from toiling away at their respective crafts.

The 3 R’s (aka. “The Habit Loop”)

Charles Duhigg is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter that writes business pieces for the New York Times and also wrote the bestselling book “The Power of Habit”.

He has some interesting viewpoints, not just on the power of habits, but on the process required to cement them in our psyche. You’ll find a brief rundown of the 3 R’s down below — I hope you’ll use them if you’re indeed someone looking to create change in your life immediately.

1. Reminder

Thinking that sheer motivation and desire will drive you to start and stick to your new habits is a recipe for failure. Your motivation will wane when the first, second, or third time to do something important comes up. If not your motivation, then your memory for sure.

It’s best to attach a new behavior to an old one to make your reminder effective, to integrate one into the other.

For instance:

  • Start flossing everyday by placing a package of handy flossers next to your toothbrush.
  • Make a habit to shave every morning without fail by putting your shave essentials in the shower, waiting there in the morning — install a mirror too.
  • Resolve to scream “YES, I’m the best!” at every red light you hit in order to keep yourself jazzed up for important sales calls.
  • Tell your spouse and/or children you love them every time a commercial comes on television.
  • Write down one business resolution or idea every time you sit down on the toilet.
  • Every time you sit down for a meal, tell yourself one thing good that’s happened to you so far that day.

2. Routine

Lasting change only comes from consistent habits. It isn’t a one-off kinda thing you can just wake up to one day and suddenly you’re careening down the path toward success, rather than sitting in your car and thinking about it.

You have to keep doing them. And, I know this hurts to hear, but most of you are probably lazy. Hey, I am too — with somethings. The reason most of us want to start doing something that we should, but currently do not, is because we’re totally apathetic toward that task or pursuit.

You have to find it so easy to do that you can’t reasonably refuse to do it.

  • Flossing one tooth per day to start — hopefully you’ll find it silly to stop at just one, but hey.
  • Vacuuming just the front of your car instead of the backseat and trunk — then doing the backseat tomorrow or the next day.
  • Removing, and finding a place for, just one piece of clutter that’s sat on your desk for eons every day for a week.
  • Calling just one prospect a day for a month, rather than suffering the rejection of doing them all in the same day.

The list goes on and on. Rewards make everything come together — for most people.

3. Reward

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at this part of the 3 R’s. So I don’t really have much insight to offer.

The main premise, which I’m sure you’ve all heard before, is to reward yourself with praise, a shopping trip, or your favorite meal or treat. Or, if you’re impressionable to your own epiphanies: The realization that you’re yet a step closer to the endgame.

Whatever works to help you cement your goals, right?

Habit Loop

Share your thoughts…

Easier said than done or can this simple formula actually work?

Main Image Credit: Flazingo Photos/Flickr


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