How Well Do Your Staff Know Your Health and Safety Policies?

How Well Do Your Staff Know Your Health and Safety Policies?

Health and safety policies are an important part of any workplace. As an employer, it is up to you to write up the health and safety policies that are applicable to your organization and to your employees. And it is also up to you to actually train your staff on how to implement these policies in order to remain safe and healthy while on the job.

But how well do your staff members know your health and safety policies? In other words, how can you tell if you have a done a good job training and educating them? Continue reading to learn more.

Are Your Health and Safety Policies Posted?

To ensure that your employees know the health and safety policies of your organization, you should post them in areas where your employees will be able to see them on a daily basis. This should be done, of course, in addition to actually training your employees on how to implement these policies every day on the job.

Post your health and safety policies after your staff has been trained, but also give each person a copy of the policies so that they can hold onto them. Doing so will help ensure that they will be able to reference the information again whenever necessary, and it will put your mind at ease that they will not forget what they were trained on.

Are Employees Always Using the Right Safety Equipment Correctly?

If your employees are performing any tasks that put their health, safety, and even their lives at risk, it is imperative that you provide them with the appropriate safety gear and teach them how to use this gear correctly.

Worker wearing safety equipment

First, set up a training session during which your employees will be shown exactly how to use the safety gear that you will provide them with. It doesn’t matter how experienced they are or if they have used the same types of safety gear in the past. Instead, you should make it a point to train everyone you hire, regardless of prior experience.

Find high quality products for your employees to learn on and to use daily, such as Miller fall protection equipment for sale from sources like Fall Protection Pros.

Retrain and Retest Your Employees Regularly

In order to be certain that your employees have fully retained the information you shared with them regarding your company’s health and safety policies, you should retrain them regularly, as well as revisit the policies with them. It is also a good idea to actually test your staff members both after they are done being trained and again on a regular schedule so that they can prove that they really know the policies inside and out.

After writing your health and safety policies for your workplace, the next step is making sure that your staff really knows the policies, and that every individual worker is able to implement the policies because they fully understand them. If everyone is aware of the policies, they can keep themselves, as well as one another, safe.

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