Finding the Perfect Premises for Your HQ

Finding the Perfect Premises for Your HQ

Your headquarters will be your main location from which you conduct business, so it’s imperative that you strategically look for the very best location. If you aren’t sure how to go about doing so, continue reading for a few helpful tips.

Always Work with a Professional Realtor

First off, before you begin your search for the perfect HQ for your company, you should look for a professional, reliable, and experienced realtor in your area.

A company like SPIN Real Estate Brokerage is a great example of the professionals who can easily and quickly direct you to the very best properties that will give you exactly what you need to conduct business daily and improve your odds for long-term success.

Figure out exactly what you want and need and then let a realtor lead the way, as that individual will have access to more properties than you can find on your own, and you can get to a property and grab it before anyone else does.

Consider the Competition in the Area

Your realtor may be able to help lead you to the best properties within your budget, but you should definitely do plenty of research into a particular area before you even tell a realtor to help you look for properties there. After all, it’s up to you to really know your business and your expectations for it.

One of the most important things you need to research is the competition in an area. If you move to a particular location, will the competition that surrounds you be competitive or complementary? For example, if you’re going to be opening up a retail location, you’d probably do well in a shopping area where other retail shops are, but if you’re running a different type of business, having your competition too close could cause you to lose customers.

Consider Your Customers and Suppliers

Another thing you need to consider when shopping for the ideal premises for your HQ is your customer base. Will these people be able to walk to your location? Do you plan on getting new customers from off the street via foot traffic? Or will they be driving in? If so, is your location easy to get to, and is there plenty of parking available?

In addition to your customers, you also should consider your suppliers. Will you be getting a lot of deliveries? If so, is there plenty of space for both small deliveries and large ones? Is your location accessible to your suppliers and the delivery companies they use?

Choose the Right Office Space

There are different types of office space, so you should look for and pay for the type that suits your needs best without going overboard. Class C office space is very common and typically utilized by small businesses. Class B office buildings are usually older with a nice number of amenities. Class A is the newest and most expensive of all office spaces in prestigious areas of cities.

Once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to establish a great HQ for your business.

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