Says Who Introverts Can’t Succeed? Just Ask James Altucher

Says Who Introverts Can’t Succeed? Just Ask James Altucher

To succeed in life and business, you need to be outgoing, hang around with lots of people and be extroverted.  That’s BS.

Success doesn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all measure. Success relies on the ability for someone to make the most of his/her strengths and weaknesses.

In my opinion, to succeed in life, you need to understand what your strengths are, and invest your time, effort, money and other enabling resources to be more effective and efficient with your strengths.

Let’s hear it from an introvert.  Say, James Altucher.

James ‘confesses’ that he’s introverted. He likes to stay at home and to go out meeting people irks him to a certain degree.

In his short talk with Michael Gebben, he mentions that introverts have a strong ability to listen and read between the lines. For introverts to be successful, introverts need to ‘capitalize’ on their ability to actively listen.  Meaning, being a good listener, they need to think about what they’ve just listened, write down about it, ask about it.

James adds that introverts need to be curious. Why? Because being curious gives you ideas, and ideas can help you change the world – via your work, business, deeds, etc. – and be successful at it.

Here’s a unique, practical example: Before meeting with someone, James does some researches, find out what his/her problems are, and come up with a list of ideas to give. Even without actually set up a meeting. He doesn’t want to waste his/her time and vice versa.

Curious enough to hear more about it? Here’s the interview:

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