Now You can Learn Computer Science Skills using Minecraft Hour of Code

Now You can Learn Computer Science Skills using Minecraft Hour of Code

Are you familiar with Minecraft? That blocky-thingy that makes gamers – young and old – spend countless hours to build a world that is only limited to their creativity. If you – or your kids/nieces/nephews – are playing Minecraft like me, I have some great news for you.

Let’s take your structure-building and ghast-slaying activities to a whole new level. Learn basic coding skills that actually required to create Minecraft or any other games, apps and so on.

That’s right, Microsoft, the now-owner of Minecraft, partners with Hours of Code, a computer science global campaign that’s celebrated annually (this year, on December 7-13, 2015.), to create an interesting way for everyone above 6 y.o. to learn computer science using visual objects – starring Steve and Alex.

Using Blockly, a block of code that can be executed just by clicking-and-dropping it, you can control Steve or Alex to do something on a Minecraft world. To explain it better, let’s hear what Jens, Minecraft’s Lead Developer, has got to say about Minecraft Hour of Code:

Combining popular games and gaming characters with the simplicity in learning computer science skills is just a great idea. What do you think?

So, are you ready to learn by playing Minecraft? Go here:

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