Today is the Glorious Day of the Introvert Entrepreneurs: Stop Making Excuses!

Today is the Glorious Day of the Introvert Entrepreneurs: Stop Making Excuses!

The day that entrepreneurs must be someone who are extrovert and outgoing is gone. The stereotype has been crushed by technology.

Today, everyone – extrovert and introvert alike – can become a successful entrepreneur. If you are shy, totally uncomfortable when doing public speaking or lead a meeting, anxious when you have to pitch to potential partners and investors, you shouldn’t feel bad for your self – there are ways and tools you can use to get things to your advantage.

And yes, dbeing an extrovert/introvert doesn’t determine your success. Period.

But if you dont’ trust my words and want some feel-good proof, here is one fact for you: Introverts today are some of the most successful entrepreneurs. Need some example? Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom, Tumblr’s David Karp, … every one of them is an introvert. They have build multi-million dollar businesses – um, make that billion-dollar businesses – playing to their strengths, instead of becoming someone else.

Want some expert insights? Gary Vaynerchuk, THE extrovert and lively entrepreneur, say that success is not driven by the personality type; success is driven by your ability to capitalize on your strengths. This is his epic explanation:

I pity that annoying cat doll that Gary has just swat away, but cat doll aside, I think Gary’s argument is reassuring, and can be the motivating factors for introvert entrepreneurs out there.

So, stop making excuses and stop using your introverted personality as a tool for you to procrastinate and pursue something else that is less-stellar than what you are capable of.

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