Sly Stallone and the Importance of the Shameless Art of Self-Promotion

Sly Stallone and the Importance of the Shameless Art of Self-Promotion

Don’t be tempted to think that I would ever lump “self-promotion” with “self-adulation”. The two are very different, though the line can become very blurry. One of the most shameless of all shameless self-promoters is none other than Sly Stallone. Sure, Colonel Sanders and his 10,009 rejections story is impressive, but I don’t think he can hold a candle to the rejection, disdain, even disgust that Sly had to overcome.

Same with his good buddy The Arnold — Arnold was good looking, well built, and a charismatic man destined for great things before coming here from Austria. And of course, Mohammed Ali may well have the most charismatic personality of all time, but even as a black man in an era where racism was still more of a reality than an exception, he’s among the most elite to ever strap on the gloves.

Photo Credit: Muhammad/Flickr
Photo Credit: Muhammad/Flickr

Sly, on the other hand, was considered to be a hopeless facial cripple from Hell’s Kitchen whose family couldn’t stand to be around him because of his partial paralysis he suffers from due to an accident at birth. Imagine enduring his upbringing, only to find yourself so broke you had to sell your best friend for $50 (dog) so you could eat something that week. Down in the dumps for most; but just part of his life’s course for Sly.

He “shamelessly” sold himself and the script for Rocky, to the world. He did it his way and never stopped selling himself until he got where he wanted to go in life. He’s winning at life because of it, and let’s be honest: he isn’t the best looking, certainly doesn’t come across as the smartest, and definitely isn’t on the level of the Sean Connery’s of the world when it comes to acting skill.

And he has problems. Real problems, like outliving his first-born son, Sage. Divorce, finances, etc. He’s not immune from life’s little roadblocks.

He’s just persistent in his goals, knows what he wants, and doesn’t stop til he gets it. Simple, if you’re not hampered by shame and/or don’t fear regrets.

What I’m getting around to is that you can have everything seemingly against you and still win. All you need to understand is that it’s all up to you in the beginning. Until you ascend that mountain; nobody’s going to tell the world how great you are, they won’t offer you six-figure contracts, the prettiest girl at school or work won’t be coming up to you and asking for a date. You have to lay the groundwork, you have to cultivate and refine the momentum needed to propel yourself forward.

Image Credit: Mantex Records/Flickr
Image Credit: Mantex Records/Flickr

How to Promote Yourself in More of a Shameless Manner:

The formula is simple, though the application of that formula will depend on your resolve. Do you want it?

  • Be confident: You have to relentlessly pursue any and all leads, without the fear of failure. If you aren’t inspired, they won’t be either.
  • Start spreading the word: Never pass up an opportunity to sell your ideas, no matter how tired you might be or how difficult the people you want to approach might be.
  • Don’t be wishy-washy: Make sure you have an elevator pitch prepared and learn how best to adapt it to the different people you might find standing on the other side of you. Make sure it’s concise. Shorter and to the point always rules in a world that’s short on patience and attention-span.
  • Persist until victorious: There’s going to be things that get in the way. Life’s full of roadblocks. Never give up. Don’t give into the lure of the “life lottery” and just hope for the best to come. You must make it come to you!

Check out Sly’s moving story on the Tube — Love ya buddy!

Do you have what it takes to become a more shameless version of yourself today? Comments are always welcome.


Main Image Credit: Darren Griffen/Flickr



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